Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Next up in Superpowered Love...

I can't say a ton right now, but I'm so excited I just have to share this with you all. I've just signed a contract with the awesome folk at Loose Id for the next Superpowered Love book, tentatively titled The Playhouse! That's right, you guys, it's time for adorable theater girlfriends... plus superpowers!

This book has been planned for--god, I don't even know, maybe two years now? Bogged down by all my various dramas, family and health-wise, I started to think I would never get to give these girls the send-off they deserve. Why was I so excited about them? I mean, apart from the obvious fun with pyrotechnics you can get out of having a hot-thermal in your theater?

Maybe Julia Alison's gorgeous artistic interpretation of them will help me explain:

... I know. Gah. I can't deal. (And yes, this is the same Julia Alison who, years ago, brought us the adorable Brady and Etienne character sketches. She's amazing, right?)

So head on over to the new page for The Playhouse and meet Genevieve and Lily properly. I'll update the page with the blurb, excepts, and all the usual stuff as Raven (Editor Supreme!) lets me know about the timeline situation. Until then, ♥

Monday, February 16, 2015

Coming for St. Patrick's Day!

If you know Jamie and Kellan from Nobody's Hero, you know how they usually spend St. Patrick's day:

St. Patrick's Day by Astro

Yeah, well, that was before they had a baby. Two babies, actually. 

So how are they gonna spend this St. Patrick's day? Astro's cover art for the upcoming Superpowered Love Freebie Short, Grá Mo Chroí, might give you a little hint. Just... the comparison...

Grá Mo Chroí by Astro

So, alas, this year we will not see DJ Kellan let loose with his paddy rock playlist. But we can listen to the old one while we catch up with the boys. Come back on St. Pat's for your copy of this cuteness!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hey remember how I mentioned the Superpowered Love Boxed set? Containing all of the six Superpowered Love books currently in existence? 

Yeah that's the one!

Welp for two weeks only, this baby is going for the incredibly low intro price of $8.99 at both Amazon and ARe. That is literally $20 off. I don't know if this will ever happen again, so if you were considering it--man. Jump on it!

As a general update:

-Just sent a new Superpowered Love to the editor. Let's see how that pans out, but it involves cute girls.
-Just started a new freebie for St. Patrick's day 2015. That alone will probably tell most people who it's about, but as a little hint:

Jamie and Kellan by Astro
And yeah, Astro's back to do the cover, too :D

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year! (+a rundown)

Hey hey happy new year! And it is indeed a happy one for me, since at the moment my spinal woes seem to be settling down somewhat thanks to what feels like constant PT. Good times! Bonus: I noticed today that ARe is doing their huge Jan 1 rebate sale thing (basically you buy the books you want and then get half of the money back in your account so you can buy even more books. It is epic).

So I thought today might be a good time to do a little rundown of my offerings. For anyone wondering where to start or just looking for something new-and-weird for the New Year.

A series of erotic romance novels about people with elemental-based superpowers. Their culture is sort of just under the surface of the one we see and live in every day. It's there, y'all sleepers just don't know it. These can be read in any order, honestly. Also, there are freebies in this series that anyone can download from multiple sources.

1: Equilibrium
Plusses: Nerdy vegan economist talks a lot and has super cool fire powers. Jock best friend is a well-adjusted adopted kid just figuring out his bisexuality. Having less luck figuring out his electrical super-powers. Plenty of mockery for the 'bi people are untrustworthy' trope. First mention of witch hunters--a theme that will return later in the series.
Minuses: Too many white people. Not enough use of the actual word 'bisexual'.

2: Riot Boy
Plusses: Sleeper (read: non-superpowered) bookshop manager is mega-hot. Punk-ass bass player has cold powers and was raised to be a supervillain. Malory's first incredibly cranky appearance. Handcuff sugarkink. Tattoos. Arthur Rimbaud is quoted extensively. Lots of punk rock--I still listen to the soundtrack to this one a lot. Not a lot of superpowered social stuff, since it's from the PoV of a sleeper, so I've heard it makes a good start. First mention of power augmenters, which will return later in the series.
Minuses: If things like handcuffs are uncomfortable for you, don't pick this one up. Brady is an epic brat, also, but that may be a plus depending on your personality. Also, he smokes. Again with the too many white people.

3: Nobody's Hero
Plusses: Outgoing hero leading something of a double-life--out as a superpowered dude with his family, out as a gay man with his friends, never shall the twain meet. Nerdy, awkward-hot Irish-American boy with a huge, loud family that likes to sing and pick on each other. Fun sex scenes (alcoholic whipped cream comes into play). Also has a kick-ass Paddy Rock/Dance soundtrack. Exploration of superpowered society and how weird and demanding it can get.
Minuses: If you don't like stories heavy on family drama, this one is not for you. Jamie can be frustrating but he means well.

4: Losing Better
Plusses: Snarky FBI agent with electrical superpowers has to infiltrate his one-time summer fling. Superhero guy spent his childhood feeling displaced, but now he's the toast of his small town... except, you know, he's a vigilante. Exploration of vigilantism in the superpowered world and superpowered presence in government agencies. Interracial relationship ftw. A threesome with a super-sweet guy who will be getting his own book later. Poetry, big parties, and coming to terms with your own past. Carries the power-augmenter mentions on.
Minuses: MC is an arrogant bastard--I say that with love but some do not. Also there are some issues between their families--aka their parents' sordid affair--that may make some people uncomfortable. Threesome warning. Slightly less fluffy warning.

5: Re-entry Burn
Plusses: Superpowered ex-offenders on parole trying to find their place in a world that'd rather forget them. Lots of research went into this one in re prisons and parole. Second cranky appearance of Malory, who gets to be the hero this time, in all his angry glory. Bisexual dude takes no shit. His love interest is even more broken than him, but if you're into the kind of couples who balance out each others' madness, this is the one. Also has my favorite soundtrack, since Mal's taste is basically mine. Lots of talk about superpowered people in different government positions, particularly the federal prison system. Discussion of augmenters and inhibitors.
Minuses: Way less fluffy than the rest. Actually it's pretty hardcore. Lots of discussion of what re-entry actually means/takes and the dangers that face someone in prison. Lots of smoking in this one.

6: Missed Connections: In Distress
Plusses: Super fluffy but also has cool action. D&D nerd nonbinary boy has no superpowers, but gets dragged into a superpowered screw-up when he gets rescued from his burning apartment. Mysterious ginger football-hooligan-pretty boy (bisexual love interests ftw!) is trying to clear his name... and being hunted. Lots of plays on the 'damsel in distress' trope, obviously. Also, funny sign board sayings. Part of the Missed Connections collection with Loose Id. More interracial relationships ftw, also. Significant mentions of strife within the superpowered community (all of which will obviously come up again).
Minuses: Moves really fast and is very short, so it's more a bite than a sink-your-teeth-in thing.

(In progress right now is #7, btw. Two girls and a summerstock theater. You know what superpowers are awesome for? Pyrotechnics.)

Plusses: Three books, the first of which is free, the second two are like $1 each with the rebate, so now is a great time to grab them all. Short books, quick reads, but also some complicated world and magic system building going on in there. Human culture based on the Indian Subcontinent. (Look up "Suriya" from the Tamil film industry. Face-spiration, right there.) Fun fae tropes explored: thralldom, arrogance, pacts, fae-napping, madness. Wingsex. (No really, it's fun.) Talking to plants. Gorgeous, evocative artwork by Ruxandra Lache in books 2 & 3. Series is complete.
Minuses: Aeron is an epic fae-brat. Tam, human-boy, is probably way too nice. Tight focus means the world probably doesn't get explored as much as I'd like.

1: By the River
Plusses: Something different. A weird take on magical-realism that's meant to read more like a fairy tale than anything else. Lots of water-lovin--as in, there's a bathtub scene. Sweet, short, magical, like a modern-day Selkie or Merman story... but not. Small river-town USA, family issues, and a lot of love. Bonus: bisexual PoV hero yay.
Minuses: Short, more of an HFN-seeming ending than anything else. 

(In progress: #2, totally unrelated "air" element story. Very modern fairy tale in the same way!)

The Mistell
Plusses: Part of the super-fabulous "Designated Bottoms" collection, or available on its own. Short and sweet bit about two gamers who find what they need in a boyfriend through some online accidents. Lots of gaming fun, a few misunderstandings, and some art history nerdery. Interracial relationships ftw! Bisexual love interest! My first and so far only contemporary-sans-magic-or-fantasy-elements! Enough with the exclamation points!
Minuses: You can't see Samir's beautiful face, which my friend Jenna inspired by pointing out how hot Rami Malek is. Just saying.

Okay so even if you miss out on the huge sale today, this is probably still a pretty good resource for me to have on this here internet page of mine, so I'm glad I did that. And glad I could type long enough to do that, more than anything else. Yay!

... I gotta go buy a bunch of books now ♥

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Box O' Love

Happy winter holidays! I can't believe they're already in swing (Hanukkah came up fast? No, probably it didn't, I'm just losing my mind), but I hope everyone celebrating something has a beautiful one. I know I haven't been around much since GRL, but I have a good excuse: my back problems are being horrible, making typing a pain. Like, literally. Apologies for silence, but I'm working on getting back to form this winter. A long, arduous process, but so worth it.

In the meantime, stories I can't write/finish are building up in my head. So expect a burst of activity the moment my discs start behaving again. I've got more Superpowered Love (obviously!), the 'Air' installment of the Elementals project, and a new series I'm cooking up with a writing buddy of mine that puts a different spin on superpowers. 

I just, you know. Need to be able to use my arms to write it all down. 

In the meantime, you know what'd make a super-amazing last-minute gift? A Superpowered Love Boxed Set

Yeah, that's a thing! New from Loose Id, all six of the Superpowered Love e-books in a bundle, for all your holiday needs! Bonus: discounted for ViP members. Shiny, right?

Hopefully once the holidays are done I'll be more functional, so I'll talk to y'all then. In the meantime, still updating my tumblr with shiny things, since it just requires clicking my mouse, and occasionally chatting on twitter when I'm functional.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

GRL Pre-Game Party

Tomorrow we take off for Illinois! Tonight, I'm just getting my ducks in a row. Here's the pre-game warm up:

1. Still a few more hours to get a Willoughby Spit t-shirt if you're not coming to GRL! If you are going, be sure to stop by my reading at 10am on Saturday for a shot at one of your own. As my friend Hayley said, "Confuse your hipster friends!" Hard to pass up, right?

2. A lot of people have been asking about "Fuck Me, Etienne" t-shirts. All I'll say is they're definitely a thing, but they gotta be hand made, Brady-style, you know? Maybe I'll do a giveaway for one of those later, made-to-order. In the meantime, you will know me at GRL by my Brady-wear, for sure.

3. I'll also have Willougby Spit CDs! You can of course always get the story it contains for free at any number of places, but the packaging is pretty cute, and once I'm out, I'm out forever. Reading, author lounge event (Thursday at noon!), featured author signing, sitting around in the bar somewhere, totally just wander up to me and poke me to request one of your own.

... okay I probably won't have them on me at the parties, but we can arrange to meet up later and I'll get you one. :D

4. All weekend long, I'm gonna be jotting down emails to put in a drawing for my most fabulous of all giveaways. Remember the Fire and Ice bracelet giveaways, with the gorgeous Superpowered Love Bunique Beads designed bracelets? Yeah, well, I've got Lightning to give away at GRL, and wow.

Talk about lightning in a bottle. These beauties are labradorite--which is basically lightning in mineral form, aesthetically speaking. The pendants are amethyst and ametrine--I've got the ametrine one right now, but we can totally trade if the winner likes it better. (Yes, I asked Bun to make two of each, one for me, one for the winner. Because shiny.) And the most unique feature of this one is that the pendant can come off and be worn on a chain. Which is totally how I'll be wearing mine at the Casino Royale party btw. Ha! Here's a really bad selfie of me in my pajamas trying it on when I was going through my jewelry earlier tonight...

Can't see how sparkly it is cuz my tablet's camera is crap but you get the idea. It's way cute.

So yeah. Definitely add your name to my list while we're all there, because this is the last superpowered jewelry giveaway and it's suuuuuper fab.

... and on a personal note, I would like to thank that terrible selfie for reminding me that I need to deal with my eyebrows stat bc what is even going on up there?

Anyhow! See you at GRL, or when I get back and see you here. ♥

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Come get your Brady Swag!

Man, I seriously cannot believe GRL is so close! But I've mostly got my ducks in a row: books, swag, special clothes for the parties, etc. Cannot waaaaaait ugh. 

For the record, I'm part of the Author Lounge event on Thursday at noon, and I have a reading on Saturday at 10am (with Heidi Cullinan and possibly someone else but it's not on the schedule yet if so!). People I get to talk to there and at the signing on Saturday afternoon will be part of a very special giveaway, but Heidi and I are also planning a little something for the reading, so please come!

Need more convincing? Okay, okay, cool. If you like imaginary punk bands, I can do that. Well, just the one imaginary punk band, actually: WILLOUGHBY SPIT. Yes, yes that magical Pittsburgh quartet with the hot-ass bass player called Brady from Riot Boythat imaginary punk band. Because guess what I've got to give away...

People who ran into me at AAD or GRL last year will remember the Willoughby Spit CDs, which contain the free short you can get here, but with some neat little packaging that makes it look like it's an actual EP by the band. I'll have some of those to pass out, too, if you missed it then!

But this year... Willoughby Spit band shirts.

I only have a few and they will never be sold--they exist totally as giveaway Brady Swag. (I may or may not also make me some "Fuck Me Etienne" goodness for myself, but hey, that's gotta be done by hand or it ain't right, you know?) And I mean to make a few of them part of the reading giveaway. So come and listen to me (and Heidi Cullinan fjlsajfakf excuse me while I fangirl) read some superpowered stuff--I'll even do the voices! Sexytimez guaranteed!--and possibly get your hot little hands on one of these babies so you can show your love and support for totally imaginary bands.

Oh also, they're super soft and feel sooooo nice. And I've got everything between sizes S and 3XL. And and and. They're amazing okay. Willoughby Spit rulez.

... and I'm just throwing in this pic because I think it's funny that George the Fox--you know, the little dude Brady keeps on his amp--managed to sneak in the pic. I didn't even mean to do that. Ha!

And here we have a stylish variation on the t-shirt theme. AKA Katey constantly hacks up her t-shirts and redesigns them. See, the possibilities are endless! ... okay I've only shown you two possibilities but still.

But you know what. This is kinda unfair. Just because people can't come to GRL, it doesn't mean they shouldn't get a chance for a punky shirt of their own. So how about we do this:

If you are not attending GRL (or aren't sure if you can but might--that counts too!), leave a comment on this post. Be sure to include your name and an email/twitter/tumblr handle where I can find you. On the day I leave for Chicago (a week from today, October 15!) at 10am, I'll choose two people to win WILLOUGHBY SPIT t-shirts.