Saturday, August 16, 2014

Giveaways and Guardians

I return from the ether! Well I wasn't actually off in the ether, I was kind of hanging out and doing family stuff. Either way, I'm here now, and it's back to work.

A couple of exciting points:

1. There's still time to win the Ice Bracelet created by Bunique Beads for the Superpowered Love series! It's made of a beautiful piece of sea glass, Swarovski crystals, and silver-plated beads. Freaking gorgeous and I've already worn mine out several times. Check out The Novel Approach for the giveaway. Thanks for hosting it, guys!

2. There's a new review for Designated Bottoms over at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words. Melanie gave it a 4 out of 5, which is so very yay, and had something to say about each of the stories. Thanks, Melanie!

3. If you have not seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet... look I don't know what to tell you except just do it. Like yesterday. If the idea of a hilarious action movie with the best sound track ever and great characters, one of which is a fabulous green assassin, two others being a raccoon with a gun bigger than him who gets carried around by a sweetie pie gigantic muscley tree...

Here's another reason:

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Designated Bottoms and Other News

In aid of keeping everything nice and organized here at the site, I've created a little page called 'one-shots', which is where I'll keep links to stories and anthologies that aren't in a series. I'm updating all the places Designated Bottoms can be found there, for those who prefer to get their lovin' from particular places that aren't Torquere itself.

Hopefully I'll have lots of stories to put there someday. I miiiiiight be working on something right now for another anthology, but I'll wait and see if I can pull it off before crowing too much.

The Other News is that I'm also working on the next Superpowered Love book, and the working title is The Playhouse. Which... is not what it sounds like, probably, since it's actually about a theater. Called the Playhouse. However, I've long been thinking it's past time to inject a little f/f into this particular pen name of mine, and so it will be done! 

I'm taking next week off, though. So if you don't hear from you, never fear, I'm not disappeared. Just cleaning my house, visiting with family, and playing video games forever because finally my new computer will be here and I won't be exiled to this ancient crappy one anymore!

I might be a little excited yes. I feel like Pete and Samir would approve of that last activity though.

ETA: Totally forgot! Check out the Author Extra in re The Mistell at Torquere's blog for Five Fun Facts

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Designated Bottoms and The Mistell excerpt! (NSFW-ish image)

The Mistell

It's here, it's here! Designated Bottoms is live today at the Torquere site, and I couldn't be more excited. No really. It would be impossible. All new stories from B.A. Tortuga, Julia Talbot, Shannon West, Kiernan Kelly, KC Wells, and Sean Michael... and me. Yes, I got to be on that list.

Sorry I'll stop squeeing in a moment. Probably.

All these bottom-starring stories are conveniently collected right here. But if you want to sample them one at a time, you can do that too. The Mistell, my offering about a hottie gamer who finds someone via a few chat misfires, is here.

More places will have the books soon, but obviously we love publisher direct. [ETA: Designated Bottoms at ARe // The Mistell at ARe]

Since the descriptions of the full book and The Mistell are already there on the Torquere site, I figure I can offer up something different. So here's a little first kiss excerpt from The Mistell...

[Samir] reached up high, cat-like, eyes closed, shirt lifting to expose a line of skin and hard abs that made my mouth water.

I wondered if he was thinking of leaving. And I didn’t want him to. So I said, “Shots?”

“It’s late.” He lowered his arms and smiled. “And I gotta drive back to Morgantown.”

“Stay,” I said before I could stop myself.

He licked his lips, gaze darting away from mine.

I didn’t even realize I was licking my lips in response until it was already done. My face heated up of a sudden—holy shit, was I actually embarrassed? Okay, but so was he, which was good, probably? Holy shit. I cleared my throat. “Uh, I didn’t mean that in a skeevy way. I mean, um.”

He scratched at the back of his neck, laughing quietly. Yep, he was definitely going a little pink, too. He totally felt it. “I didn’t think you were being skeevy.”

“Well, now that we’ve been super awkward, we can get on with it?” I suggested.

He chuckled out loud. “I don’t do awkward. It’s cool. I mean, it was gonna happen eventually.”

“Yeah, there’s definitely a little...” I gestured between the two of us, grinning.

“Definitely.” He looked almost relieved. Ugh, how adorable.

“You’re way hotter than I expected.”

“That’s what I was thinking,” he admitted. His body language had totally changed back to easy, rounded (broad) shoulders, comfortable stance, charming little grin.

“Okay. No awkward. Just a shot.” I gestured and led the way to the kitchen. He followed silently, and as I got down the glasses and bourbon, leaned against the counter to watch. I said, “And then...” As I poured.

One of his dark eyebrows shot up. “And then?”

God, the eyebrow thing was hot too. Okay, fuck it, I was just gonna go for it. He was into it, I was into it, what the hell. I finished pouring and handed him a shot glass. “Kiss?”

He laughed. “Right. Let’s try it.”

“One. Two. Three.” We both slammed our shots when I finished counting, then set aside the shot glasses. I reached out, grabbed the front of his super soft t-shirt, and pulled myself closer, tilting my face just so.

He went with it, reaching out to put a hand on my hip and tilting to match. Our lips met, cool from the bourbon, closed at first, but not tightly. He opened up a little and I went with it, tasting liquor from both of us, and let my tongue just barely flick at the place where our mouths met, lips pressed to lips, then sliding as we readjusted it.

He was good. Gentle, not pushing for anything more, but a kind of thoughtful kisser. I was a huge fan of kissing, but it had been a long time since I’d just let myself enjoy it for what it was without thinking about what came next. Maybe that was why it gave me that feeling, like pinpricks of electricity all over my skin, slowly warming my blood. Or maybe he was just that good. Didn’t matter; I liked it. A lot.

With a soft sound, he closed it off and pulled back a little. Hand still at my hip. “That’s good.” He almost sounded surprised, whispering as his long eyelashes fluttered open.

The eyes were just straight up unfair. I had to clear my throat again before I could say, “Yeah.”

He blinked quickly. “Is that bad?”

“No.” I shook off my stupor a little faster, then. “Hell no. I just—“

He laughed and pulled away, reaching for the bottle. “I get it. Another shot?”

“Another kiss?”


Monday, July 14, 2014

Updates and Upcomings (vaguely NSFW image)

Okay so "upcomings" is probably not a word. Definitely not a word. I like it anyhow.

I had the extreme good fortune to be at Authors After Dark in Savannah last year and meet BA Tortuga and Julia Talbot. It was at this convention where the idea for Designated Bottoms was born. I'll let Julia Talbot's fabulous intro to the collection tell the story, though. And here we have the cover...

How is that for some adorable cheesecake? I love it! Suuuper proud to be in a title with these fabulous authors.

My story is called "The Mistell", and it is my first ever non-paranormal. GASP! It's okay, though, I made up for it with a ton of nerdery--as the title might lead you to suspect. A 'mistell' is basically when you're in-game (Massively Multiplayer Online games, generally speaking) and you send a chat message to the wrong person or group... which can get a little embarrassing, if you're talking about the wrong thing.

Or, you know, cybersexing while you're supposed to be helping your buddies kill a dragon.

So that'll be live on July 30 from Torquere Press, yay!

In other news, Sammy over at The Novel Approach did an awesome thing last month. Well, okay, I think it's awesome, and I guess I would, but. She did reviews of all the Superpowered Love books in a week! Woo!

Equilibrium (4 stars)
Riot Boy (5 stars)
Nobody's Hero (4 stars) 
Losing Better (4 stars)
In Distress (5 stars)
Re-Entry Burn (5 stars)

They can be read in any order, of course, but she did them almost in the order they were written, which is cool. I thought about quoting some of the review but I think I've reached my limit of talking about myself for the day, so maybe just check em out if you've got the time! Great fun, and really deep-digging stuff in those reviews. Thank you to Sammy and to TNA for giving them a shot.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

GRL shinies!

Hello hello! busy weeks here this first month of summer--hope everyone is enjoying theirs.

Joyfully Jay is my host blog for the GayRomLit blog tour, and today marks a really cool giveaway we've got for you. Thanks to the most excellent Bun at Bunique Beads, I've got two remarkable bracelets representing the fire element in the Superpowered Love series. Bun used fiery Swarovski crystals and charred-looking beads to design these gorgeous wrap bracelets. 

And one of them can be yours! (The other one, obviously, is mine. >.>) Want to see them?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Snag Your Copy of Fairy Bound

Looking for some wingsex this week? I know. Who isn't?

Here are the currently available ways to get hold of your copy of Fairy Bound, the third installation of the Fairy Compacts series of novelettes. 

Buy a copy:
1. Get an all-formats zip file from my Gumroad shop.
2. Download in multiple formats from Smashwords.
3. Get it from All Romance eBooks.

More are incoming, but that'll do for this exact moment. And be sure to check out my guest post to celebrate the release over at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words today, too. Going live this morning. ♥

ETA: Here's the post--comment to win all three books!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Coming Tuesday: Fairy Bound! (At last!)

That's right, it's finally time for Fairy Bound to hit the stands. Well, the virtual ones, anyhow. At first it'll be available through Smashwords, ARe, and my Gumroad shop, all of which have convenientm secure payment options so it's not a huge pain in the butt. Barnes & Noble takes a little longer, but it'll get there too!

So why not Amazon? Welllll, Amazon is complicated. They won't let me make the first novella free, and I don't want to charge for it just there because that'd feel like cheating. But all of the immediately available options have Kindle-friendly formats among all the others, and I'll do an omnibus edition with less art for Amazon sometime this fall.

In short, these versions will be way cooler. Why? Okay, here's one really good example...

Awela and Aeron from Fairy Bound, art by Ruxandra Lache

Gorgeous, right? Ruxandra is a wonder, it's true. You can see thumbnails of all of her illustrations on the excerpts page (but this is the only big sneak peek!), and... a tasty little pre-wingsex warm-up of an excerpt, with Aeron being bratty as hell. Well, at first.

“Are you coming?” Aeron asked.

When Tam turned around, Aeron was in the tub, arms hanging over the sides, wings tucked up behind him tight. Tam failed to answer immediately, mesmerized by this sight, and so Aeron made a face. “Fine,” he said. “Don't.”  
But Tam did. He peeled off his long shirt and trousers, knowing he was being watched, almost relieved by it. The resultant heat that rose in him had nothing to do with the bath water, but with Aeron’s long, pale limbs beneath its wavering surface and the glint of the firelight off his smoky-silver wings and smooth, dark hair.  
Aeron ducked beneath the water to wet it, then began soaping his hair as Tam watched. Eventually, Tam couldn’t resist, and so reached out and ran his fingers up the curve of Aeron’s slender, hard calf underwater. Aeron ignored him, going on with his soaping—though he didn’t pull away—leaving Tam with no choice but to get on with washing his own hair.  
After long moments of this treatment, the torment became intolerable. ...

Click here to read the NSFW continuation!  See you for more on Tuesday ♥