Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Haunted Hotties for Halloween

... okay that might've been overdoing it on the alliteration, but still. Torquere's Haunted Hotties is coming soon, and I get to be in Volume 1 with all these wonderful authors!

Pre-order link is already up at Torquere, and soon to come at various resellers. Release is October 14th, though, so you've got plenty of time to get into the holiday spirit. :D Have I ever mentioned Halloween is my favorite holiday? It totally is.

As for my story, Præsidium... hey how about an excerpt to introduce you to Thackeray, the demon hunter.. and demon-haunted:

It's a power-struggle every time you meet someone new. Think about it-- you go out to dinner, sit down, look at someone new across the table—business associate, first date, whatever—and you're engaged in a skirmish. You're trying to figure out who has the upper hand in the conversation, and whatever there is of the relationship. You're trying to decide if you can feel confident enough to pretend you don't find the stretches of silence between topics disconcerting.
Seir was feeling chatty tonight—he was always stirred up when we neared the end of a chase. Antonin had gone off to the bathroom, and I was staring down a piece of apple pie in the one all-night diner in town. I thought, You just love to hear yourself yammer. I swear it's masturbation via rhetoric. Starting to feel like I'm in a Quentin Tarantino film. We're even in a diner. 
 He said, I'm not wrong, though. 
 I stirred my coffee lazily, clink, clink, clink. Then finally answered as if he hadn't heard the thoughts it took me to get there. If no one wins the struggle, as in both declare defeat, the silences are intolerable to everyone
The point is that you've got to be the one in control, or someone else is controlling you, or you're spinning out of control, which never leads to anything good (for more than a few minutes at a time.) Wouldn't you say? He knew goddamn well that, I wouldn't. What if the person gets control of you and does horrible things? It was a layered statement: it could be about him and me, and how he couldn't possess, just haunt. Or it could be about me and Antonin, here. The potential for some form of control implicit in physical attraction. 
So be the one to win. It's not that difficult; it's a question of your belief in yourself being stronger than his in himself. I snorted. The most delusional wins? 
 It's not delusion: it's self-manifesting superiority. Try it. People will eat it out of your hand. "So you keep saying," I mumbled aloud. 
Antonin slid back into the booth across from me. "What?" 
"Nothing." I made an attempt to appear extra grouchy—that was usually all it took to discourage questions. 
 He cocked an eyebrow but said nothing. In the real light of the diner, it was hard not to notice how flattering the freckles sprinkled liberally over his golden-brown nose, cheeks, and forehead were. 
 I wasn’t usually a freckles guy. Huh. "I need you to help me stop them.” 
 He stabbed a spoon into the bowl of melting ice cream before him. Peanut butter chocolate. Too rich for my blood—not too sweet for his, apparently. "Don't you think you could tell me a little about yourself first?" 
 "Because you're just some stranger who swung into town and happened to know about a bunch of evil shit about to go down. Also, you attacked me in the shrubs." 
 Fair point, but I wasn't giving in. "I didn't attack you, I took you to a more secure location to question you, first. I could've attacked you. We wouldn't be having this conversation." 
 "And you'd be no closer to figuring out how to fuck up their demonic plans." 
 I pinched the bridge of my nose. "What do you want to know?" 
 "Who are you? Really. Not your name; who you are, what you do." 
 I pushed my barely-touched pie away. I don't even like pie. It just seemed like the thing to order, in a place like this. 
 I'm bad at human things, sometimes. I pretend that's not because of Seir. Maybe it's even true. I had a weird childhood, to say the least. 
 I said, "I'm Thackeray, and I hunt demons. Any time there's a frayed piece of the Veil, I know about it; I go there and I fix the situation." 
 "Okay, so who do you work for? Who can convince a handsome, capable, brick shithouse of a man like you to demon hunt?" 
 I ignored everything but the ‘capable’ part, which was true. "Myself." 
 "Right, but someone has to pay you." 
 "I wish they did." 
 He watched me for a moment, like he was trying to tell if I was serious. When I didn't flinch, he said, "Yeah, all right, man. But why do you do it, then? You can’t be hurting for options. You could be a bodyguard or—I don’t know. A fitness model. Jesus Lord Almighty." 
 Again, I ignored the compliments, uncertain what to do with them. "Don't ask if you don't really want to know." 
 Something like annoyance flared behind his eyes. "Start talking, or I walk." 
"Fine. When I was three years old, my mother tried to kill me."

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kanaan & Tilney Cover Time~

Cover by Dar Albert
Soooo excited. I just. I mean. Look at them! For a better glimpse, check out their page over at KanaanAndTilney.com, complete with blurb, and soon to have excerpts and all that other great stuff. 

This baby releases on the 20th--barring disaster--so it's right after I get home from GRL. I thinnnnnk, therefore, that my reading there should include these lovely dorks. Yes, good.

Why should you be interested? For adventure! There's a Zombie Mafia (not actual zombies, btw) and they sell body parts. (Get it? Arms dealers? What, we like puns...) For romance! Cranky wolf-boy is a total marshmallow on the inside, batty pyrokinetic is pure sunshine. For the characters! Demisexual mystery author, Arab-American ex-cop--you don't see either every day, right? For the world! All manner of praeternaturals are hanging around Boston: Elementalists, Beasts, Psychogenics, Terrans, and Necropmorphs, oh my. For the mystery! The murdered man was not a very nice guy, after all...

As you might've guessed, Jenna and I are really excited about this one. Check it out!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

And the Winners Are...

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Everyone's been contacted, and they'll be getting their shiny new copies of BACK TO THE SKY ASAP. Thanks so much to everyone who checked out the blog tour! If you missed the rest of the activity, it's still worth checking out for little tidbits and rambles, so here's what went on:

@ MM Good I talked about the elements and my fascination with elemental creatures and characters. Includes a book review!
@ Diverse Reader I did something a little more personal than usual and talked about authors (... me) putting pieces of themselves (... myself >.>) into characters. Includes a book review!
@ The Romance Studio I talked about the inspiration for the "Dirty Girl Scouts" excerpt. Body shots ftw.
@ Joyfully Jay you'll find an exclusive, super NSFW excerpt. Looking to heat things up, here's the ticket! Feeling blue that you didn't win a copy? Let this salve your wounded soul!

Right that's coming on a little strong, but you get my point.

Thanks so much for coming along for the ride. ♥

Monday, September 14, 2015

Fall Happenings

So many fall happenings in the works right now, I'm just gonna bullet list this baby. You ready? I'm ready!

Back to the Sky Book Tour!

Still happening, y'all. Here's the count of who has been so good as to let me drop in, and what, exactly, I was talking about there:

"Some Kind of Magic" @ The Novel Approach - Talking about the weird magic in the Elemetnals series and just what it can mean for a story.
"Rock N Roll and Bad Poetry" @ Love Bytes - Zane fancies himself a songwriter. Oh deaaaar...
"Being Afraid of Love" @ Prism Book Alliance - The Four Noble truths and a fear of being hurt again. Come on, we've all been there. Well, that latter thing, anyhow. Only Geordie likes to mix the two.

Yet to come this week: 

And remember, you get THREE entries in the ongoing Rafflecopter Giveaway for copies of Back to the Sky (it's at the bottom of the posts!) for commenting on these blogs, so don't be shy.

Discounts! Discounts!

Not sure how long this will last, but for the moment, Loose Id has By the River, the first of the Elemental books (water) on a pretty deep discount right now. You don't need it to read Back to the Sky--they're totally unrelated except thematically--but if you liked BttS or want to get the full effect, check it out on the Loose Id page.

I am also relatively sure that as of tomorrow (Tuesday), BttS itself will be 10% off--as is the tradition with last week's new releases at Loose Id. So if you didn't have time or money or just plain forgot last week, check it out this week!

If you want info on By the River, check its page out here at the site. Lots of excerpts and all the usual to be had.

Time to get spoopy!

I've mentioned this off-hand, and it's been on my Coming Soon page since, well, since I made that page last month, but! My Halloween novelette, Præsidium, will be popping up as part of Torquere's Haunted Hotties collection one month from today. Spookiness and hotness all in one package. (I'd say tiny package, but I feel like I'd get dirty looks from Thackeray, my demon hunter protag. And he's kind of a bad-ass, so...)

More on that soon, but I just wanted to put it out there. Possibly because Halloween is my favorite. POSSIBLY.

On the case!

Kanaan & Tilney, our mystery solving team extraordinaire, is coming soon from Loose Id! Jenna Rose and I are excited to announce a late October planned release for the boys and their first mystery, The Case of the Arms Dealers. Adventure, murder, handcuffs! Well, not a lot of the latter, though now John's thought about it that may change.

Ahem. Anyhow, come meet our unstoppable praeternatural detective team, Lowell Kanaan and John Tilney, over at their shiny website, kanaanandtilney.com. Be sure to check out their individual bios too, for some funny/ridiculous sneek peeks at personality.

There's.... a lot of personality going on between them. Too much sometimes.

Okay I think I hit everything, but as you can see, it's... a lot. So stay tuned and I'll be piping up with more bits and pieces as things happen.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Book Birthday: Back to the Sky!

We have books! Obviously authors love it when you go publisher direct (and LI does some cool rewards program stuff, if you shop there a lot), but for reasons of convenience and gift cards and all that, have a few more too. Here are the first of the Back to the Sky buy links~ 

Be sure to check out the start of my Back to the Sky blog tour, too: Today I hit up The Novel Approach, where I talk about the, uh, different treatment "magic" gets in these Elementals books. Comes complete with a never-before-seen excerpt as illustration! 

Oh yeah, also, Rafflecopter giveaway for copies, in case buying is not an option just yet. I feel ya.

ETA: it occurs to me that in my travel flurry of the last month, I haven't posted anything about warnings for this book! I know there are some themes that can either turn off or outright trigger people, so in the interest of both enjoyment and safety, here are some potential flags for you guys.  Of course I try to handle all these themes well, but I totally understand just not wanting to go there sometimes. They are vaguely spoilery, so please highlight below to see them:

-Brief sugarkink/light bondage
-Sex work
-Respectability politics
-Alcohol use, occasionally irresponsibly so

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cover + Preorder -- BACK TO THE SKY time is nigh

Yes, it's true, Mina Carter's cover for BACK TO THE SKY is glorious. Gnnnnnnn.

The book is out this Tuesday, but if you pre-order via Loose Id right now, you get a discount! Weee! This is gonna be a week (or two) full of BttS fun, though, so stick around for updates. ♥ Don't forget, there are excerpts and more here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Get your excerpts, hot off the press!

Hello from Chennai! We're on the second leg of our journey, having spent the first in lovely Ireland (a few pics here on my tumblr, for the interested), and now it's time for some chilling out in Tamil Nadu. Well, sort of, since I'm preppping for the release of Back to the Sky almost as soon as I come back to the States. Yay! 

In that vein, I've set up some little excerpts on the Back to the Sky page. There's one that's pretty straightforward, the first meeting of our point of view hero and his love interest in person. And then there's a second one called "Dirty Girl Scouts" that is... well, what it says on the tin, if you know that a 'dirty girl scout' is a drink, not a kid who's rolled around in mud. Another kind of dirty.

Talk to you all again when it's time for a cover reveal!