DC Reboot Initial Thoughts

June 10, 2011

So I'm pretty sure this blog is going to have a little bit of crossover with my Other Blog--which is to say the one that I use for my other penname and general sort of things. Mainly when I go on a rant about comics, which is sort of relevant to this Superpowered Love venture, as it was all inspired by my love of comics. (The only thing that'd make comics awesomer would be more sex. Let's be honest.)

When that happens, I think I'll link rather than repost, just to avoid clogging the net with more of my crap. And so I give you:

DC Comics and Self Doubt via KVTaylor.com

The comics and the doubt are unrelated. This time.

Katey Hawthorne news incoming soonish, as we get ready for Equilibrium at the end of the summer. Mmm, superpowers. So excited!

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