X-Men: First Class, Marvel Movies, and Other Serious Business

June 20, 2011

I know, I keep linking to the Dark Fiction Me Blog. The Evil Twin , or whatever. Thing is, the news I have that's specific to this blog is probably not all that interesting to anyone just now. Equilibrium is in edits, editor Raven McKnight is beyond fucking awesome -- but who wants to hear about edits on a forthcoming book from an as yet unpublished author? (Or, more accurately an as yet unpublished penname. Poor Katey Hawthorne, she's got a few years before she catches up with KV Taylor. Uh oh, now I'm talking about both my names in third person. Christ, I knew I was losing it...)

I promise the book will be fun, though! I mean, look at these guys. They just scream fun.

Or something.

So here's a link to my rambly ass post on X-Men: First Class, which I finally saw this weekend. X-Men fans may be interested in the comments, too, where Kalen O'Donnell makes some really good points about the movie industry and Marvel comics in general, and we go off on a nerd alert about gender, sexuality, and ethnicity in both mediums.

Long story short: it had a few problems, but I enjoyed it. I've liked the more recent Marvel Movies better, though. The Iron Man films were great, and Wolverine was more fun than it should've been, too.

Okay, Thor was dumb. But pretty, you gotta admit.

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