Clark Kent

July 17, 2011

I'm still kind of working out just how to draw the lines. I'm one person (well, don't tell the voices), but there's a need for two names. Someone who might be interested in this stuff might find themselves a little sick to the stomach if they read the darker stuff. Someone who's used to a little blood and death in their sex might spontaneously develop cavities if they read sweet, sweet superpowered romance.

Okay, sometimes it's not so sweet. But sweeter than the horrorotica that's more likely to come out of my darker half.

But I've decided that the line is just with the blog. My twitter and tumblr accounts aren't just for publishing stuff, they're actually mine. Comics and movies and music and books and politics. Well, not much of the latter, but funny signs here and there, right?

So if you're at twitter or tumblr, say hi!

And back to working furiously on sorting out the superhero science. Because science, my friend, is hot.

Just ask Sue Storm.

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