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July 24, 2011

No, I still haven't been to see Captain America. Or Harry Potter. I am not happy about this. Harry Potter, well, that's okay, actually. I promised one of my dearest friends in the world I'd wait for her, since we've seen the last three together, and she lives five hours away. Two weeks, and I'm in. As for Cap, I've just had a busy weekend.

But hell, even that's okay, as part of that business was pulling out some excerpts from Equilibrium. So now the page has a set-up blurb, a link to the (as yet unpopulated -- preliminary cover art by P.L. Nunn is amazing, and I cannot wait to see the final product) Loose Id page where it'll live, the heroes', uh, trading card stats, and now, actual pieces of the book!

There are two. One is PG. Totally tame, apart from the lightning. The second one, well, it's a little PG-13. Or a lot. But it's the stuff that comes after that's really interesting, so as not to spoil. Ha!

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