August 2, 2011

I have been given the go-ahead to say for sure that Equilibrium has a cover. You can check it out on the Equilibrium page, if you like, but there's a cute little version over there on the side bar too. -------->

If it looks like the cover of the hottest comic book ever, well, that's totally what I meant to write, so yay! Thanks to the mighty P.L. Nunn for the shiny, man. Many, many thanks. Above and beyond thanks.

If you're interested in how my addiction to superpowers reflects in my work daily, check out this post at the general writing blog of my alter-ego. Just here for the superpowered hotness? Hey, I'd be the last to blame you. Glory in the awesome that is Hansen and Sam on their very own cover, my friends. I know I am. <3

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