Equilibrium Mixed Tape , part 2

August 31, 2011

Right, time for a Sam Pick! Sam doesn't have precisely the same voracious musical habits as Hansen, mostly because he doesn't need to, since Hansen's kind of dictatorial about music like that, but he does have a few bands that work for him. (Outside of Johnny Cash. As he will repeatedly remind anyone who asks.) One of those is Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Odds are good he found them thanks to Hansen, but Sam's not too proud to admit it.

So another song from the EQUILIBRIUM Mixed Tape -- full listing in the back of EQUILIBRIUM -- BRMC's "We're All In Love":

And yeah, that's another band I really like. Admittedly, I'm going through the mixed tape listing and picking out the ones I think are the most fun -- as in bands I actually listen to regularly. I've actually seen these guys three times, and would pay for thirty more.

As a side note, thanks very much to everyone who checked out EQUILIBRIUM. It made the LI bestseller list for its first week, which kind of has me floored, seeing as it's my first -- not to mention a bit, uh, dorky and weird for this particular genre. If you're considering it but not totally sure yet, check out the EQUILIBRIUM page here to learn more about these imaginary people for whom I have actual playlists, check out excerpts, all that good stuff. Also, there's a big version of that fabulous cover. :D

Or, if you're already convinced, check it out at Loose Id:

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