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August 28, 2011

I do this confusing two penname thing, but it's not a secret or anything -- I'm proud of what both of my personalities do. (Ha!) I suppose my bothering with two names might seem weird unless someone's read stuff by both, then it becomes obvious that the readers of one aren't likely to have much in common with the readers of the other. I do it so as not to burn myself and any readers nice enough to give me a chance by giving false expectations. If you read KV Taylor you can be pretty sure things are going to get ugly and frightening somewhere... and probably stay that way. If you read Katey Hawthorne, it's a good bet you will come out with far less psychological trauma. The idea, in fact, is that I'd hope people would come out with a smile.

Both write a lot about sex, though.

So this is a long way of explaining why my GoodReads profile looks so barren. I want to interact with book people, to be easy to find and get hold of for the GoodReads community. It's such a cool way to meet people with similar interests. But at the same time, there's no point in my reviewing everything I read on two profiles -- in fact, it'd skew the rankings in a weird way. So finally, I've gone in and updated my original GoodReads profile, the one with which I review everything I read, with proper shelves. It's definitely not a complete listing of Stuff I've Read since I started it, but I'm trying to keep up.

The ones relevant to Katey Hawthorne are:

Comics, Graphic Novels, and Trade Paperbacks

That last one is getting a lot of action lately because I got a ton of GNs and TPBs for a recent birthday. Yay!

The only thing weird that I do is that I don't star reviews from someone with whom I have a contract. (Currently: Belfire Press and Loose Id). I feel like if I'm giving 3 stars + I'm being self-serving, and if I'm tempted to do 1 or 2 I'm not being supportive. And we need all the support we can get. But I do comment on those books with complete honesty, just because I love talking about books. I mean, what's a writer if they're not a reader first, right?

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