Shake you up?

August 23, 2011

Gosh, I guess it's official: EQUILIBRIUM must be earth-shatteringly awesome. It had a birthday quake.

(Yeah, I know, lame joke. But seriously, that quake knocked a bunch of crap over on my desk and emptied out the Pentagon -- kinda in my back yard. I live on the east coast; I did not sign up for this.)
Anonymous said...

Hi Katey
Just finished Equilibrium and loved it! Congratulations and have you got any more books in the pipeline?
MandyM (popped over from the Goodreads site)

Katey said...

Hi Mandy! Thanks so much for the awesome goodreads love. (I adore goodreads -- I review a ton of stuff there myself, but didn't want to split my reviews between two pen names :D). I definitely have other books in the superpowered romance vein in the pipeline. There will be something definite in the coming weeks about that!

Thank you so much for reading, reviewing, and stopping by to say hi. You totally made my night <3

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