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September 2, 2011

Punk rock!

Much to my surprise and delight, I've had inquiries about whether or not I'm doing more with the slightly alternate reality first presented in EQUILIBRIUM. For those of you who haven't read it, there's really only one difference between it and our reality: a small subset of humanity has superpowers, and they refer to themselves as "awakened".

The answer is yes, absolutely, there will be more in this vein. Sam and Hansen are sort of a baseline: normal guys who want to live normal lives and happen to have superpowers that alternately help and screw things up for them. But it's clear that there are others who apply their gifts in different ways. For example, I have books in the works dealing with...
  • Law enforcement officers with awakened superpowers. (Police officers, federal agents, oh yeah, being able to taser someone with your hand comes in useful. Who needs a gun?)
  • Vigilante superhero awakened types. (Because you know someone is going to think they can clean up this town on their own... by putting people on ice.)
  • Public-spirited awakened types. (With power comes responsibility? Hey, you can't do a superpowered thing without an Uncle Ben reference.)
  • Insular awakened societies within a given city. (You think nobility is weird about intermarriage? Imagine if they were breeding for powers...)
  • Sleeper witch-hunters. (Conspiracy theories, supposed alien abductions -- fear and hate are powerful, dangerous motivators, man.)
  • Dissent within awakened communities. (Anarchy seems like a great idea when you're the one throwing fire from your hands.)
  • Awakened/sleeper relationships. (Oh, so by the way, honey, I have superpowers.)
  • Awakened scientists. (Science is sexy, but it's also... ethically complicated, let's say. And with so much up in the air about how, exactly, their powers work, it can get messy.)
  • Supervillains. (The heroes are annoying. The villains really make life difficult for everyone.)
My next trick is called RIOT BOY, and will explore at least two of the above. It will also have French poetry, pierogies, tattoos, Poirot reruns, handcuffs, an independent book store, Buzzcocks references, Pittsburgh, and a small town rock star. And by rock star, I mean a guy in a punk band that plays mostly covers in a dive bar, and is happily going nowhere while giving the world the finger.

But let's face it, punks are sexy. Really, really sexy.

This is all to say it will be just as nerdy as EQUILIBRIUM, if in a slightly different way. You can meet the leading men at the shiny new RIOT BOY page, if you're interested. And see what I mean about sexy punks.
Reenie said...

Whee! I'm seriously excited for Riot Boy. Yay for Pierogies! (having only recently been introduced to them, I find them mysterious and mystical. Yes. Don't mind the foreign girl.)

Your universe is going to be fucking awesome. But then, you know that.

Katey said...

I should send you the soundtrack listing since you own every damn thing on it--Ali will enoy it. :D

Also, I should've mentioned something about getting pierogies when you were in Pitts a few months back! How could I have let that slip? Well, I'm glad you've been introduced to them. They are indeed mystical in nature.

It will at least have awesome science, anyhow!

Reenie said...

I was introduced to the giant mascot Pierogies at PNC park, at least... reason #487 to love baseball: i adore silly mascots! (Plus the Yankees have none, which is clearly a sign that mascots are a force for good).

Katey said...

Ahahahaha! Oh god, I was just there and I'm already homesick.

But yes, on the Yankees. Pretty much the ultimate sign, it's true.

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