Equilibrium Birthday Giveaway

September 11, 2011

EQUILIBRIUM will be one month old on September 23rd! Yeah, I know, one month, woo -- but it's my first, so I'm excited.

Full disclosure: I would be this excited if it was my 200th. That's just an excuse.

To celebrate the advent of Hansen and Sam's adventures with fire, electricity, and, um, each other, I'm giving away two copies -- eBook, in any Loose Id available format your heart desires. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post or the mirror that'll pop up at the GoodReads feed. (It takes a few days to get there, but it will.) I'll number all the comments in order and then count on random.org to choose a winner -- one each from here and from GR.

Cool thing: if you comment on both, you're entered for both drawings. Can't win both, but double the chances, right?

Or you could just get straight to the good bits with the superpowers and hot dudes and grab the book from Loose Id. But nothing wrong with trying your luck!

If you do comment, please leave your email address or email me to let me know how to reach you in case you win. If you're commenting via GR I can always message you there, but definitely feel free to leave me your email, drop me a line, or whatever you like to make sure.

Starts now, and ends at 11.59 pm, September 22.

Happy birthday, boys.
Anonymous said...

You had me at superpowered Hot Dudes.

- @rhube Can you DM me if I win? Don't mind giving you my email address, but not in public ;-)

Katey said...


And yeah, I'd feel the same.

Anyone else, apart from emailing me like it says up there, also feel free to leave me your twitter handle like she did!

BlueSmokey said...

Please count me in:)


Adara said...

Count me in. adara adaraohare com
Looks like an interesting series. =)

Gabby said...

Count me in too! The cover is really cool! When I first so the cover I mistook it for a yaoi manga.


Nikyta said...

Count me in, too, please!!!


Sarah said...

Great cover and fab burb. Count me in please


Anonymous said...

I like the cover, too. The stats sheets were fun.

Count me in, too.

mcsc2008 (a) me (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I'd love a chance to win this, so please count me in too!

Anonymous said...

Doh! Forgot to leave my email address in my comment above...

Katey said...

BlueSmokey, got you on the list! (At both posts!) Thanks a bunch.

Adara, the same. Thanks for stopping by over here, too.

Gabby, I about hit the floor when I saw the cover for the first time. My thought was sorta similar: "Dude, that looks like the hottest comic book EVER." (Which is what I wanted to write, to be perfectly honest.) PL Nunn. Man. She's incredible.

Got you, Nikyta, in both posts. Thank you for clicking over!

Sarah, glad it entertained you -- here's hoping the book does one better. You're totally in :D

Got you down, mscsc2008. I think you might me Melanie from GR, but I'm not totally sure. If so, you're in like Flynn at both. (Sorry. I love Errol Flynn though.)

SueM, fabulous! You are in. Twice. (You know what I mean, here and there!) Thanks a ton for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

Count me in, please!!


Katey said...

Gotcha, Kay! Thanks a lot for stopping by <3

Maya said...

Count me in too, please!


Danielle Birch said...

Count me in please :)


Loveless3173 said...

xD Heh... I hope you don't mind me entering both here and gr then! lol..
I'd LOVE to read this book!
Thank you so much for the chance!!


Anonymous said...

I'm cute. And being cute means I should get books. Yes. ;)

Katey said...

Glad to, Maya. Thanks for stopping by!

Danielle, definitely. Glad you hopped on over to check it out :D

Judi, you're in at both places. Awesome!

Hayley, it's true, you are, and it does.

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