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October 17, 2011

I've collected quite a lot of questions over the last few months, especially once a second book was announced. These have come from my family, my friends (both romance readers and those who usually don't touch the stuff, but have made an exception for me -- thank you!), and fabulous readers. I'm grateful for these questions, because my bio page was pathetic -- but now I've added a Superpowered Love FAQ, and talking about books is more interesting. So while I'm not completely sure it's riveting, it's at least marginally more amusing. Yay!

And as a quick reminder, RIOT BOY excerpts appeared this weekend. If you haven't seen, go and check them out. There will be more when the time for the release party comes, but until then, these should give you some idea of the guys who will serve as our intrepid, er, heroes.

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