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October 20, 2011

Just in time for the weekend -- assuming your weekend starts Friday. (What, doesn't it? Er...)

Thanks to Raven the Wonderful Editrix, here's a free short story featuring Hansen and Sam, post-Equilibrium. It's pure fluff-and-smut bonus content, meant to go with your morning coffee or late afternoon martini. It's called: "Jealousy: A Love Story", and you can have it as a pdf or a web page (in a zipped folder), whatever floats your boat.

Oooh, flash widget not workin for you? Yeah, I use an iPad, too. Here are the download links:

Jealousy HTM (zip file)
Jealousy PDF

I tested these babies on my computer and iPad, but please let me know if they give you any crap.

And just in case: no, it won't ruin the book for you, if you haven't read it. It does spoil the "Will we see HEA?" suspense... but seeing as I've flat out said I'm all about the HEA, not much of a spoiler, right? Right!

Happy spirit day!
Reenie said...

Oh man... I just finished an insanely long stupid day at work, but now I get to go home happy, because that was fucking adorable. Much much much much love for the inner workings of Sam's head.

Katey said...

Ahaha I am glad his weirdness could cheer you up when you needed it, Reenie. What can I say, hot, goofy ass blond guys... it's a thing I like to write. *whistles innocently*

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