Riot Boy Just Happened

November 7, 2011

It's true. Riot Boy is a thing, a real thing, and you can get it from Loose Id riiiiiiiiight now! Riiiiight here, even! Not sure yet? Hey, it's cool. Check out the Riot Boy page here at Superpowered Love, where you can meet Et and Brady, our intrepid *cough* heroes *cough*, catch some excerpts, and generally get an idea of what this is all about.

Gonna wait a few days? I'll be updating the page regularly as the book pops up on other sites like Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, Sony Store, and Fictionwise. Until then, well, you could always win a copy from The Big Riot Boy Release Party Giveaway, going on right here until November 10th is over.

Why November 10? Why, because I'll be hanging out at TRS's release party, of course! There will be excerpts -- many excerpts, most of which will have to do with the prizes offered in the fabulous Riot Boy packs.

And in the meantime, I'mma wear my "Town Called Malice" shirt for Brady, today. Sing it with me: Stop dreamin of the quiet life cuz it's the one we'll never know...

(The Jam does not endorse Riot Boy. But Riot Boy endorses The Jam.)
nkkingston said...


Cate Gardner said...

I have my copy (along with Equilibrium), I just need to fall back in love with my kindle.

Katey said...

Thanks, Nat -- thanks for EVERYTHING <3

Oooh, Cate, that's very sweet of you. And yeah, I go back and forth between digital and paper, myself, just for balance.

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