Riot Boy Release Party!

November 10, 2011

Excerpts and fun facts and all other manner of amusing things are happening allllllll day long at The Romance Studio. I'll update this post as I go as a Superpowered Love index, but definitely check out the whole party to catch the fabulous featured books.

Post #1: Riot Boy by Katey Hawthorne [An Introduction, containing the blurb and the first excerpt on the Riot Boy page.]

Post #2: The Importance of Punk [The never-before-seen "Orgasm Addict" snippet. By which I mean the song. Geez, what did you think...?]

Post #3: The Importance of Poetry [The all-new "Ghetto Defendant" and Arthur Rimbaud snippet.]

Post #4: Putting the Love in Superpowered Love [Another all-new excerpt from the first time our heroes hook up. Gets a little bit hot up in there... or maybe cold.]

Post #5: Equilibrium by Katey Hawthorne [An Introduction, featuring the first scene -- which isn't on the Equilibrium page here! C'mon, Sam and Hansen need love too.]

Post #6: Putting the Superpowers in Superpowered Love [More all-new Riot Boy excerpt stuff, this time from Brady and his... less-than-savory awakened clan.]

Post #7: Better get those handcuffs... [The rated-R excerpt you can find right here at Superpowered Love's Riot Boy page. Mmm-hmm.]

Watch this space for more all through November 10th. And don't forget, today is your last chance to enter The Big Riot Boy Release Party Giveaway~
Beatrice said...

Twitter and Hootsuite won't load for me. *sighs*

Katey said...

Me neither! And just when we were talking sweet about Rimbaud! In Song of the Highest Tower, though, my favorite bit is the third stanza:

I have been patient so long
That I have forgotten everything;
Fears and sufferings
Have left for the skies.
And an unhealthy thirst
Darkens my veins.


Beatrice said...

My favorite is the fourth one!

Ah! The thousand bereavements
Of the poor soul
Who has only the image
Of Our Lady!
Do people pray to
The Virgin Mary?

I found that a really powerful way to speak the stanza is to read the first four lines with force and say it a bit loud and then read the last two lines really quietly. I participated in Poetry Out Loud back in the day and it's showing. LOL.

Katey said...

Aaaaawesome. God, isn't that amazing in the context of being from provincial France back in the day, too?

Post totally incoming on The Awesome of Rimbaud next week, man. <3

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