Where it's at

November 2, 2011

Yeah, I just ended that subject with a preposition. Two turntables and a microphone. (Am I showing my age with the Beck reference? Awesome.)

Seriously, though, looks like November's where it's at. Don't ask me where October went -- I felt the same way after September, to be honest. 'S okay, it's November, and that's even better. Why?

1. Obviously, Riot Boy! Yes, this is the month, my friends -- and very likely sooner rather than later. On Friday I'm going to start a massive Riot Boy Release Day Prize Pack Giveaway, even, to give a good run-up. It'll run from the 4th to the 10th, when I'll be participating in one of The Romance Studio's brilliant release parties. At the party, I'll be posting loads of excerpts, fun facts, and behind-the-scenes info -- most of which will relate to the fabulous Riot Boy Prize Packs, of course.

But more on that later. For updates on the prizes and such, follow the blog, or visit me on twitter -- @taylorkv.

2. Nanowrimo. Oh, haters gonna hate, but I love it. In fact, the first book I ever sold (which will come out -- er, probably by the end of the year) was written for Nano originally. I didn't participate last year, but I'm doing a grand experiment over at kvtaylor.com this time around. The goal: to rewrite one book from scratch by the 14th, and then write another novella by the end of the month.

Can it be done? Maybe. Can it be done without driving me madder than I already am? Maybe not.

And yet, I am undaunted. Come share my pain -- friend me if you're doing Nano!

That's it from me. Back with Riot Boy fun on Friday. <3
Beatrice said...



The party is where it's at, oh yeah! What day is the release party over at TRS? I'm gonna mark my poor calendar so I can't forget! Gosh, if you see my Google calendar, it's almost pitiful. All these giveaways I've been marking down... It's what happens when you're a poor student with bad spending habits. *shakes head*

Katey said...

Nov 10, the last day of the contest, is also the day of the party. Good lord, could I be a little more difficult about how I explained that? Ha!

And yeah, loooooooove me some giveaways, too. I feel that.

Beatrice said...

Yay! I checked TRS's calendar a while ago and saw the 10th marked down, so I figured it was that day. :)

Can't wait for Friday and Riot Boy's release! I just noticed that Loose Id is distributing the books to third party sites early and so I can get it almost immediately from Amazon!

Katey said...

Yeah, how cool is that? Insta-Kindle!

Totally the 10th though. I've never done this party thing before, so I hope I've done enough prep. I mean, a few bottles of absinthe will be enough, right? :D

Beatrice said...

Definitely! And I'll be there to make sure your mouth is loose enough to talk about all these things Brady does. ;)

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