Nobody's Hero for the Holidays

December 20, 2011

Okay, so Nobody's Hero will not be here for the holidays, but that is the name of my next superpowered romance! I reckon finding out that it's a go is my big present. (And here I thought it was the opera tickets I convinced B we needed.) There aren't many details just now, but since I think this one will be arriving sooner rather than later, I wanted to introduce the boys to the world. Check out the spankin new Nobody's Hero page to get a sneak peek at Jamie and Kellan.

Jamie might think he's nobody's hero, but I dunno. Looks like he gets to be the hero of one story, anyhow. As for Kelly, well... *cranks Flogging Molly*.

Of course I'll add in more info -- a blurb, some excerpts, etc. -- while we're prepping the story, so it can't hurt to watch that space if they sound like your kind of guys.

There's some cool stuff going on for the hols, too, and I wanna give a quick heads up about the Big Ass Holiday Authors Giveaway over at Jessewave's site on the 22nd. I'm throwing one copy each of Equilibrium and Riot Boy into the mix, and -- dude. There are so many awesome books about to be up for grabs, I don't even know where to begin. The rundown is here, sorta like a pre-game warm-up.

I should have a little present for y'all that day, too. I might be a heathen, but I do love this time of year :D

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