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December 15, 2011

Wow I totally didn't mean for that post title to rhyme. But now I have to leave it there. Just because.

A couple of way exciting things went down this week.

1. There was just a completely badass review of Riot Boy posted by Daisiemae over at Night Owl Reviews. She gave it five stars -- as in a Reviewer Top Pick! Check out what she had to say:

Riot boy is the first book I’ve read by Katey Hawthorne and it definitely won’t be my last. I loved Ms. Hawthorne’s creative world building skills and uniquely sexy characters that seemed to live and breathe off of the written page. Riot Boy was a book that once I started I had to finish it in one setting and has a very fast paced storyline that kept me captivated with it until I finished the last word.

I am, just, kinda, like, wow. Which, as reactions go, does not speak well for my writing ability, I know. Sorry. Just, that's rad, c'mon!

Oh, speaking of! There was a super cool review last month by Kassa, too. It's a three out of five stars, BUT she does recommend it and say it's really fun and worth a read. I thought it was cool as hell because it was almost one of those "I really liked this in spite of myself" reviews. Which always make me proud.

Thank you so much to these wonderful reviewers for giving Riot Boy a shot. Anyone who takes the time to read it, let alone write something about it, good or bad... man. I have so much love.

And just as a reminder, since it's the middle of the month, my interview with TRS is still up. It's very Riot Boy oriented. Fun stuff, for sure.

2. More Superpowered Love is on the horizon! This next one is a bit more, well, thinky, I usually call it, than my last two. As in, there is a dearth of exploding things and street fighting, and a great deal of conversation, affection, family issues, societal pressure, and personal growth.

Well, love, too. Lots of love. Also cats, electricity, paddy rock, vampire movies, comic books, and really adorable Jockey briefs.

I will have more definite news very soon. I'll be working on a new page for it, where I'll throw the character stats as usual, but you can get a sneak preview on my tumblr.
Cate Gardner said...

Oh wow! So much excellence in one day. Mega congrats, Katey

Katey said...

Thank you, Cate! It always hits all at once, doesn't it...? :D

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