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January 22, 2012

I've had a few awesome conversations about comics lately with people who know this whole Superpowered Love angle I'm working with the romance. Like I say in the FAQ, the stuff I write is not meant to be comic-like. Comics are adventure stories with soap opera sidelines. I do romance novels with the occasional explosion. :D

The reason why is because I consume pretty large quantities of that sort of thing already; I know loads of people are doing it and doing it incredibly well, so I don't need to supplement my intake by inventing new stuff right now. But lately people have been asking me what books I'm into at the moment, and so I figured I'd do a post on the subject.

And so, here are my monthly buys:

Ultimate Spider-Man. This is the one solo book I actually read, and the only one in the Ultimate-verse. (I had an addiction to Ultimate Fantastic Four for years, but kind of lost interest after the zombies.) I was hesitant when they killed off Pete in the Ultimate-verse and were going to have a new guy in. Miles Morales sounded cool, but... I mean, I was raised to be a Pete fan. And yet, I couldn't resist, so I gave it a try. I flew through his first four issues just the other day and bought the remaining issues in the run so far. Miles is fucking adorable. 

Wolverine and the X-Men. Absolutely my favorite comic going right now, hands down. Jason Aaron has captured that spirit I always loved about the X-Men with Wolverine's Jean Grey School project. Plus, now Angel's there, it has pretty much all my favorite mutants. This shit is hilarious and cracked out and still manages to be emotional. I'm digging the kids, too.

I mean, don't you want to go to this school? (Click to enlarge!)

And take these classes?

The one that scares me is "Sex Ed" with Professor Remy LeBeau. I'm... not totally sure that's the best idea, but hey. At least there won't be any slut-shaming!

Uncanny X-Men. This one took me longer to warm up to than its sister book up there, but I like it a lot now. Helps that they used one of my favorite baddies, Sinister, for the first arc. I'm not a huge Cyclops fan, and this is his sort of military operation book... but I do love Emma and a lot of the other characters, so it's growing on me. Another post-Schism X-book to love. Kieron Gillen is rocking it.

X-Men Legacy. Sort of the Teacher Book companion to the two above. It had a slow start, as it was mostly about Rogue vacillating about going to one team or the other which was a bit ho-hum. But now she's at the school and things are blowing up all over the place, it is officially awesome. And I do love me some Rogue, god knows. Plus, Guthrie siblings! Yay, redneck superheroes!

I just grabbed the first few issues of Avenging Spider-Man, as well. I grew up reading Amazing religiously, but I go through a temper tantrum once every so often where they screw Pete over and I don't read anything again for years. It's been a while since the whole Gwen Stacy/Norman Osborne spawn thing turned me off Amazing last time, but I'm still not quite ready to go back, so I figured I'd ease in with a little superhero action before I get back to the soap opera.

I did start out with some DC books when they did the New 52, which I went on about here a little. But it kind of lost steam for me, and I'm not really interested anymore. I've never been much of a DC kid, though. What can I say.

There are a few titles I've been reading in trade paperback for a while too. This is difficult, because it means waiting until the collected editions are published... which is not something I'm good at, but seeing as comics are like $4 a pop these days and the TPBs are more economical, I keep telling myself I can manage it. 

I only read bits and pieces of the last thing with the Young Avengers, The Children's Crusade, but have the collected edition pre-ordered. (And, of course, already know what happened.) If they had a monthly book right now, I would absolutely add it to my monthly buys because they're my favorite current team. Admittedly mostly due to the presence of Speed, since I have a speedster weakness... and he's Speed. YA is a good place to start, incidentally, if you're interested in jumping into comics. It's only a few years old and the TPBs are readily available to catch you up. The Marvel iPad app even just had a $.99 sale on all the volume 1 issues, even. Good book for fans of the LGBTQ superhero too, incidentally, as Billy and Teddy are honest to god the cutest comic book couple ever in the whole world.

Uncanny X-Force just did a Dark Angel thing where they, as my friend Kalen put it, "Broke one of my toys". But again, I know what happened and I've got the collected editions pre-ordered. I'm not going to start buying the monthly though, I just want to see how Angel got from there to... well, you should see him in Wolverine and the X-Men. It's freaky.

And the thing I really should just buy monthly but refuse to break down and do is Avengers Academy. This book is seriously fucking awesome -- and actually, this is also a great place to start because it's so new. There's a little bit of backstory from the whole Civil War thing about why there's an Avengers Academy (also Fear Itself, but I think they go into that in issues 14-20 -- I'm not there yet), which is effectively a school for young superpowered types so they don't end up being, you know, bad guys. But it's not even necessary. I started reading it for Quicksilver (again, speedster weakness) and ended up loving the kids. Christos Gage is a badass. More superheroes out of the closet, weee!

I am probably going to have to buy X-Men: Season One just because I love Jamie McKelvie's art. There is also word of some new X-Book coming up that has a bunch of my faves in it... so I'm going broke, is what I mean to say.

But that's it for now! I gotta say, I am really, really happy now that Marvel started digitizing their comics right away. I have shelves full of paper comics that will never go anywhere or be worth anything, which is why I started just waiting for TPBs to drop. But now... instant access.

Bad for the bank account. Good for every other reason imaginable.

(On a totally unrelated note: Nobody's Hero. March. Woohoo!)

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