Nobody's Hero Blurb

January 29, 2012

I've added an unofficial blurb to the Nobody's Hero page. Once you get to the point where you've sorted edits and have seen your ISBN, it starts to feel kind of real, so I figure it's time. The heroes, Jamie and Kellan, have been keeping the page warm, but maybe a little info about what kind of trouble they get into would be cool, right?

This book has a little piece of me in it, because I based Kellan's loud, obnoxious, gigantic, loving, hilarious Irish-Catholic family on my own. Kelly's the fifth of seven siblings, and they absolutely love to fight and yell and hug and sing and do all the things I grew up doing with my family. (My mother is the second of eight.) Oddly enough, in a book about a guy who has superpowers so massive he's like a walking mega-taser (Jamie!), I have a feeling the Shea clan will be the most unbelievable thing in it. Luckily I have about eight hundred and twelve cousins to whom I can appeal for corroborating testimony.

The truth is always weirder than fiction, right?

Even more fun, looks like it'll be unleashed just after, or possibly just before, St. Pat's. Now, before anyone starts railing at me about stereotypes, believe me, I dislike being compared to a leprechaun as much as anyone (and I'm 5'2" and have red hair, so you know it happens). That said, we're talking about Irish-Americans, here, and Catholic feast days are generally the days where one gets their celebrating on. Especially St. Patrick's.

Which, for some, does in fact include crawling into a bottle and playing the Pogues at volumes louder than god. Those of us who do it are okay with the stereotype moment. Hell, some of us embrace it for that reason, as this particular stereotype has lost its power to hurt over the last fifty years.

So, yeah. Keeping the Jameson/Bushmills distillery in business. That's me. I'll have a pretty little visual for you for sure, so we can spend it with Jamie and Kellan. Though Kelly prefers Powers -- but that's another story for another time.

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