The Riot Spreads

January 27, 2012

There have been a few reviews of Riot Boy over the course of the last week, and I've just updated the page to show them off. Woohoo!

Cactus @ Long and Short Reviews gave it a 3.5 and said:
Riot Boy is a fast paced, fun filled ride filled with sex and a bit of the paranormal. Brady is a perfect goth punk boy with his attitude, shady past, and great punk references. Et is a perfect foil as a more staid and down to earth bookseller with a broken heart. Together they play off each other well and create some dynamic tension.

Cactus was disappointed that the book focused more on the romance than on the action/paranormal side of things, but still recommends it as a fun read. Not bad!

Samhaine Queen @ Dark Divas Reviews gave it a 4 and said:
I really enjoyed Riot Boy. It wasn’t what I was expecting which made it hard to put down once I started reading. It was refreshing to see a supernatural bent, Brady’s cooling abilities, that didn’t overpower the story and relationship between the guys.

Totally sweet. She says she'll look up more of my stuff based on it, so yay!

Valentina Heart @ The Romance Reviews gave it a 4 and said:
I like to feel the hotness as I'm reading, I like to cheer for the characters and devour each word, and good sex scenes do that to me. This author can do it in each one without breaking a sweat, well it felt that way to me although I'm sure she slaved over this book for months and loves her baby as much as I love every one of my own books. To me it felt as if writing good and charming characters as well as hot sex scenes came natural to this author and I know I would love to read about another of her bad boys.

Which has got to be one of the nicest things anyone's ever said about/to me. And something I was particularly glad translated for Et and Brady, as their sexy bits aren't just sex -- they're a kind of self-discovery. I mean, I try to do that in everything I write, but Riot Boy in particular is very, very much about that.

It's awesome when someone gets it.

Thank you so much to these amazing reviewers --and to anyone who posts a review or talks to their buddies about this stuff -- for taking the time and effort. It occasionally blows my mind that people allow me to entertain them like this, let alone tell their friends. It's amazing.

And my next superpowered trick, as y'all know by now, will be Nobody's Hero in March. I'll update the page this weekend with some new info and maybe do a little talking about it, too. It's getting awfully close, after all. :D

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