Friday = Excerpts + Giveaway

February 8, 2012

A quick announcement/forewarning type deal about stuff happening on Friday, February 10:

1. Nobody's Hero Excerpts -- well, at least one of them. There will be at least two on the page, as usual, one very sexy, one a bit shouty. Which kind of describes Jamie and Kellan together. Well, no, they don't shout, but Kelly does tend to, uh, prickle.

2. A V-Day giveaway. You will have to do quite literally nothing but leave your email or twitter or some other way for me to get hold of you. I'll be giving away two books of the winner's choice -- including Nobody's Hero, for those who have already been awesome enough to grab the first two. So come back on Friday, if you can!

A quick reminder/attention grabber about things that have happened just recently but may still be of interest:

1. Badass 5 star review of Riot Boy at Joyfully Jay. Holy crap, she so gets Etienne. I cannot express how happy this makes me. Thanks for taking a chance on it, Jay!

(FUCK ME, ETIENNE t-shirts really should be a thing...)

2. Giveaway at Joyfully Jay includes a copy of Riot Boy, but that's just one among many. I'm reading along to keep up with a lot of her reviews (just finished Reverb, which I think she's reviewing tomorrow, guh) and mmmmm so much rock star goodness.

3. If you like your fae superdark, angsty, dreamy, and magical, you can win a free copy of The Other Me's debut novel, Scripped. That's a fun giveaway -- you get to bring a date :D

It is not the same cracky love you might know from This Me, but it's still love. Extremely dysfunctional and laced with pain, but hey. Some of us like it both ways. *Cough* See prologue here or excerpts at the official site, if you wanna know what I mean.
Candy said...

Congrats on your reviews. The t shirt sounds like a great idea! LOL!

Katey said...

Thanks, Candy. Yeah, I mean, not sure where anyone could WEAR them, but they'd be fun to have, right? :D

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