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February 5, 2012

Before I get rocking, quick note on that last post. I edited it to show, but this is really cool so I wanted to make a big deal: there's a petition to the RWA thanks to author Sara York. Hit it up, if you're as annoyed/angry/saddened/insert_unpleasant_emotion_here as me.

Okay, rock stars! This week, the lovely Jay from Joyfully Jay is reading a bunch of incredible rocker books, doing reviews, giveaways, and all other manner of rocker-oriented goodness. As you might've guessed, I am excited. I didn't just randomly write a book about a punk rock dude. My mom taught me to play guitar when I was a kid (yeah, so, my mom is amazing, by the way), and she did that because I was already locking myself in my bedroom with everything from The Beatles to the Buzzcocks every night. And nothing has changed in the years since -- at least, not on that front.

So of course I'm going to be reading along with some of these books, because waaaaaaaaugh! Rock 'n roll! Click her pretty button over there to see what's in the lineup.

Added excitement: Riot Boy made her list. Mind officially blown when we met and she told me she'd just finished it for that purpose. So. Cool. She'll be doing a huge giveaway (link is to preview post, actual giveaway post comes Monday) over the course of the week where anyone can win copies of hot rocker books -- Riot Boy included.

I don't know about you, but I'mma live in rock star land allllll week.

Though I guess Brady isn't technically a rock star. More of a... guy who rocks on a tiny, badly lit stage. While wearing awesome t-shirts. But it's like the song says, "In my mind my dreams are real."

(Yeah I just quoted/linked Oasis. I'm showing my age, and I'm pretty sure Brady's pissed at me. Aw, hell.)
jayhjay said...

Hurray! I am so excited for Rock Star Week! Thanks for chatting it up!

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