Nerdflirt Snippet From Nobody's Hero

February 21, 2012

Okay, so in re last week's post about comic book inspirations and me confessing I was paying direct homage to the Fantastic Four in Nobody's Hero, here's a snippet of Jamie and Kellan having their first ever nerdflirt at the Winking Lizard. (Yeah, it's a real place, so the innuendo is not mine this time. Ohio people, you know what I mean.) See, Jamie spotted a Spider-Man picture in Kellan's cube the other day. And Jamie is a salesman; he knows how to use what people give him to get them interested. He's not too proud to employ these tactics in the real world, especially not when the enticement's adorkably hot.

“I don’t know about trash.” And encouraged by his sudden affection for strong language, I said, “But I do know you’re a fucking nerd.”

Kellan laughed. “What gave me away? The affinity for SQL?”

This was sarcasm, but I replied in earnest: “Spider-Man.”


“I mean, I was more of a Fantastic Four guy, myself, but --”

“Spidey and Human Torch crossovers.”

“Yes.” Torch. Obviously based on an experience with someone who was awakened, by the way. You get a good heat-type, and they can make it look like they’re covered in fire. It’s magnificent.

“Those were the best.” He took a long swig and grinned. His wide shoulders rounded, he slouched, but not in that protective, curling-in-around-himself way. “Fucking Johnny Storm, man.”

The strange softness of his voice combined with his wanton use of the word “fuck” had a predictable effect. It beguiled me into admitting, “Always thought he was hot.”

“Shit, I was just about to say you remind me of him.”

“That’d explain it.”


“Why I think he’s hot. I get a little narcissistic sometimes.”

He smacked the bar and laughed, this time out loud.

“See, you laughing at my jokes only encourages me.”

He shot me a sideways glance, a little knowing smile.

The gaydar, which had been swinging this way and that all night, finally pinged so hard it pinned the needle. Something hot woke up deep in my belly.

And then, of course, my phone buzzed.

Less than a month now 'til the expected release date. More Nobody's Hero fun and excitement on the page right here. Wee!
Raven de Hart said...

And this, my love, is why your writing is so beautiful--fully realized characters that never waver. A hard thing to do, but you pull it off flawlessly.

And I tell you what--if I had Jaime flirting with me liek that...I'd take him...


Katey said...

You are too kind, as always <3

And yeah, I mean, all that effort, and so nerdy. Kellan's not made of stone!

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