Adorkable Cover: Check!

March 4, 2012

Happy, happy author, who has another beautiful PL Nunn cover. She's so wonderful! Jamie and his "I am going to eat your face off... in the good way" eyes and Kellan with his superadorkability. Happy cover day, boys. (You can click the cover to go to the NH page and see the big version, if you like. Even better.)

And I reckon it's pretty safe to say that this is meant to happen on March 13. Woohoo!
J.A. Rock said...

Oh my God. So adorkable. Congrats!

Loveless3173 said...

OMG!!! This is a freaking awesome cover!!! <33 love it! :D

Katey said...

@ J.A. - I'm so excited! I love the power of the Intense Dorkitude flowing between them.

@ Loveless - She captured them perfectly, so I am totally biased, of course. I'm so glad you (impartially) agree that it's as rad as I think it is <3

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