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March 8, 2012

Wellll maybe a Jedi craves not these things, but I guess I do. (Oh yeah, that was a Yoda joke. I am so, so sorry -- little bit wound up this week.) Loads of excitement going on over here -- which I suppose goes without saying since, you know. Nobody's Hero. Tuesday. Woo! For anyone who might like to drop by and/or play along...

=Superpowered Love Adventure List=

Saturday the 10th: Another inspirations post! I have some great stuff gathered from fabulous writers discussing their character and story inspirations. I want to do these more often, so writers, hit me with yours any time. Also, I get to have lunch with the awesome DC area crew again. *fist bump*

Tuesday the 13th: New book! Nobody's Hero! These guys are really near and dear to me, so I'm even more excited than usual (which is saying a lot) to send them out into the world. So happy. Gah.

Thursday the 15th: Week-long giveaway begins. There will be comics. Music. Beer paraphernalia. Oh yeah.

Friday the 16th: St. Patrick's day blog hop -- PLUS I get to hop over to a certain awesome blog for an interview and stuff alllll about the new book. And superheroes. And things. There will be extra prizes in both places!

Saturday the 17th: Join me for St. Pat's with lots of beer DJ Kellan! Yeah, that's right, I'm handing things over to a fictional character and letting him DJ the whole day. We'll just see how that turns out.

Tuesday the 20th: Kasabian! ... oh wait, y'all can't come with me. Well, I have tickets to go see Kasabian, which is really exciting since I've been trying to hit a tour of theirs for years, so wooo!

Thursday the 22nd: A TRS release party. I'll be dropping new excerpts here and there and just generally mingling and, uh, if it's anything like the last one I did, buying a ton of books myself. Because I can't help it, seriously, all those delicious excerpts and scripts just taunting me...

SO. Maybe this isn't your idea of excitement, but it is mine. Hope to see you around!

PS: Super-sweet review of Equilibrium at Night Owl the other day too. Awwww, thanks Daisiemae!

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