St. Patrick's Day with DJ Kellan

March 17, 2012

He does not like me tacking "DJ" onto the front of his name, but I'm the boss, dammit!

Okay, I'm not, but I can pretend.

That's right, it's now officially St. Patrick's day, so if you're looking for some mood music, why not let Kellan Shea, paddy rock aficionado and Jamie's hero (wait, no, Jamie's his hero. Anyhow!) help you out. Throughout the day, once an hour, my tumblr will spew forth loud, obnoxious -- okay, occasionally very pleasant and melodic Irish-inspired tunes. Don't do tumblr? It's cool. Check in on my twitter if you like, though I'm sure I'll interrupt the music with my own inanities now and then. Even better: hit up the DJ Kellan tag every now and then, and the music shall be yours sans interruption.

And I'll be up around noon to see who won the gift card from the blog hop. And start on the Guinness. And turn up the volume.


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