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March 1, 2012

I do actually write stuff other than comic-style superpowered folk. I know, this is ultra shocking, but it's the truth. Earlier this year, the other me had a dark (really dark...) fantasy novel drop, featuring some of my favorite creepy creatures, the fae, and this year I'll have one with my other favorite creepy creatures, vampires. Woohoo! You probably won't catch me writing anything but some fantasy sub-genre -- while I love to read it, I get bored writing if I can't have magic of some kind -- but that's about the only restriction I have.

But there will come a time when I get to bust out some other stuff as Katey Hawthorne, too. I already have a couple of... mmm, they're sort of fae, but more magical realism than straight up fantasy. (Yeah, I know, but it's different, really!) In this spirit, when it came time for the M/M Romance group at Goodreads to do their "Love is Always Write" event, better believe I snapped up the incredible fae prompt from the mind of Miya Kressin. I mean, check this image? How could I NOT?

And then, um, I sat down and wrote it in two days with very little concern for food or water or other silly little human concerns like that. So I guess the moral of this story is that I am at the mercy of the voices, and it's hard to say what's going to wake them up. But it's a pretty good bet that if someone:

1. Can light things on fire with their brain
2. Can be classed as one of the endless permutations of fae
3. Likes to drink blood

I'm probably in. Bonus if I get to write wingsex. Which, for the record, is not sex with the actual wings, but sex with someone who has wings. Yeah, I've had an Angel obsession since I was a kid, what can I say...

Hey though, new free read coming up this summer, so that's good news! There will be a fae boy. With really pretty wings. Also a human boy. With, um, a nice happy trail? Also, magic. Weee, thanks Miya.

Aaaand as a little update, the cover for Nobody's Hero is in production (rawr!), the page is added to the Loose Id site (empty for now, but there!), and release is going to be sooner rather than later. As in -- and please don't hate me if it doesn't happen -- within the next, oh, two weeks.

Hell yes.

Sadly, Nobody's Hero does not contain anyone lighting things on fire with their brain... but it does have a side character who can. And our PoV boy, Jamie -- he's pure electric.
Raven de Hart said...

The fae myths are simply too rife with sexuality and power not to use, in my opinion--who among us wouldn't want to bed a sidhe, after all?

As for wings...I agree...nothing more to say about it.


Katey said...

I completely agree, Raven (big surprise, and not just because our tastes align so often!). It's like, you know you shouldn't sleep with them/love them/whatever. But... how can you not?

It writes itself!

And yes. Wings. <3

Meghan Brunner said...

While I've personally never been much for wings, I'm sure my opinion will change after reading this one. After all, I didn't much like vampires until I met yours!

Katey said...

They are perhaps not the sexiest wings -- insectoid being less awesome than angelic in some ways -- but I hope, at least, they will amuse.

You know I can't do anything fae without running it by you. It would feel extremely wrong. We have a... thing. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. /capslock

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