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March 23, 2012

Well the big Nobody's Hero giveaway has ended and the winners have been emailed. If I don't hear from them over the next 24 hours I'll let go to again and give me a new answer. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by over the course of the week! It was huge!

No really. This week has genuinely been huge. Here's a quick recap:

1. New Book!

2. Fabulous review at Joyfully Jay. I think the best thing about this story is how likable both Jamie and Kellan are and how much I found myself rooting for them to make it work. As much as Jamie is attractive, popular, and wealthy, he is also an incredibly good and kind guy. He is thoughtful and caring and generous with others and you just can't help but like him despite being the "popular guy." I could really feel for him as he found himself torn between his two worlds. ... I also really loved Kellan despite his prickly nature (or perhaps partly because of it).

Thanks to Jay for giving it a shot -- not to mention so fast after release. She totally gets my boys. Rad.

3. Interview and giveaway at Joyfully Jay. Gratz, Angel! Jay asked about superheroes, superpowered love, upcoming books, my evil doppelganger, all kinds of fun stuff. Thanks again, Jay.

4. Gorgeous review at QMO Books from Lena Grey. Written in first person, following Jamie's thoughts and feelings was often like trying to follow Comedian Robin Williams through one of his outrageously ad-libbed routines—fast, furious, witty, and absolutely brilliant. I did several double-takes with the way Jamie described the people and situations around him; marveling at the way he describes the hilarious, happy, poignant, serious, and sad people and events surround him.

Thanks so much for checking it out, Lena, and for the thoughtful, sensitive review.

5. St. Patrick's Day fun. Awwww, look how cute they are! Kellan with his supercatholic tattoos and bottle of Powers and Jamie with his I Heart My Irish Boyfriend shirt. Thanks, Astro!

Also, Kelly DJ'd St. Patrick's Day. Any time you need your Paddy Rock fix, he'll be here for you. Hurling abuse at his siblings. (Okay, mostly Finn, but Finn totally deserves it.) Some of those tracks are on the official sountrack in the back of the book, but not many. Like two, I think.

6. Lovely review from Lauraadriana at The LL's Word. They were great together and OH MY HOTNESSS....SO SMEXY!! 

I could quote more stuff because that review is super fun, but really, that line made me smile for like 12 hours straight alone. I'd kind of just like to frame it and put it on my wall.

7. Hung out at a TRS party and dropped some hot excerpts all over the place. I crossposted two of them to my tumblr (A Stolen Moment on the 4th of July - Libido Override at the Copy Machine so they'd be constantly available, but one of them, the steamiest of all, will disappear eventually, once TRS lets it go. Check in now for a "shut up and get naked, Jamie" moment, or -- well. It's in the book. (That and a looooooot more after.)

And that's just the Nobody's Hero related stuff! I also had fabulous guest authors drop some inspiration on me. And I FINALLY got to see Kasabian! My inner Malory is so pleased.

As pleased as Malory ever gets. But more on that... later...

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for this wonderful week here at the old Superpowered Love blog. I'm going to go sleep for like 24 hours now. Well, no, because I need to be awake for Spartacus tomorrow. But, um, 20 hours, definitely. Loooooooove!
J.A. Rock said...

Rock. The Hell. On. This book deserves every delightful thing said about it.

Kellan and I totally hang out. He was all, "Don't tell Katey," and I was like, "Why not? She has a right to know I've stolen you away from her and that you're permanently mine."

Katey said...

Oh Kelly! Well, I guess once we make them, we cannot control them -- at least I know he's going to a good home.


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