March 27, 2012

A big ole "Yay!" All the prizes from last week's, um, extravaganza have been claimed, so now I can recite the list of winners:

From the giveaway and interview at Joyfully Jay: Angel Flower! Hi, Angel, hope you dig Nobody's Hero. Jamie's kind of a weirdo, but he has his moments. (Or so Kellan tells me.)

From the St. Patrick's Day gc giveaway: Erica Pike! While I'm on the subject, she, K-Lee Klein, and NJ Nielsen are the brains behind the Hop Against Homophobia, so if you haven't checked that out already, why not hop on board?

And from the big Nobody's Hero giveaway, three winners, of course:

Pack #1, which contained comics and music, went to Tracy. It should get there soon, and when it does, I hope you enjoy Kellan's favorite Tossers album -- Kelly particularly recommends their version of "The Rocky Road to Dublin"... but he would.

Pack #2, which contained comics and superpowered love, went to ReneƩ. As I have said many, many times before, I looooove that Spidey/Torch team-up -- and so does Kellan. Can't wait for you to get the package and see it in all its glory.

Pack #3, which contained music and superpowered love, went to Panalopy. A fellow paddy rock fan, here's one more for your collection! It's not MY favorite Flogging Molly album (though I love it), but it's definitely Kellan's. We don't always agree on these things. He is stubborn like that.

Thanks again to everyone who dropped by to help me celebrate the new book. <3

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