April 27, 2012

Hey y'all. A serious post for a sec, here.

I talk all the time about my editrix Raven and how much stuff she does for me--and I'm not the only one. Thing is, the healthcare system in the US is, uh, you know. Not really a system. And it's dicking her over right now. Not in a good way. At all.

So I've set up a little indiegogo campaign, complete with fabulous (super-hot) perks--the grand prizes have only just got started, and you can believe the winner of both drawings will get a massive pile of books out of this in the end--to help out in a temporary way.

I said it all over at the campaign page, so I'll spare you. But Raven's awesome, so if you can help out, please do. And it's not even something for nothing. We'll give you things!

Thanks to my first responders Missy Welsh and KC Burn for helping to spread the word early on in huge ways.

<3 Katey

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