Scans from Kellan's Comics: Spidey/Torch Today

April 14, 2012

While I'm on vacation, another little something to amuse: scans from Kellan's comic book collection. More specifically, Spider-Man and Human Torch team-ups. Because oh man, dude has a looooooooot of 'em.*

Today, a little something from Fantastic Four #512 by Waid/Wieringo. This is from the end of part 1 of a 2-parter called "Spider-Sense" in which Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch), who is for the first time in his life a figure of public loathing, comes to Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) for instructions on how to endure being a loser.

Because Pete would know all about that.

Pete narrowly avoids strangling Johnny and takes him to the park for a little lesson. Unfortunately, Hydro-Man shows up...

Oh yeah. Those are definitely Fantastic Four boxers. Oh, Johnny...

Can't you do anything without Pete? (Apart from traumatizing small children?)

Ah, Torch and Spidey. So not made for each other. (I don't usually buy FF, but when #17 drops, best believe I'll be downloading that baby to ye olde Marvel app.)

*By which I mean I have a loooooot of 'em. And a scanner. Oh yeah.

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