Scans from Kellan's Comics: Spidey/Torch Jump Into the Wayback Machine

April 28, 2012

Though I'm home from vacation, I've still got one more edition of Scans From  Kellan's Comic Book Collection for you, true believers. For the last two weeks we've done Spider-Man and Human Torch team-ups both modern and not-so-modern. Now it's time for a look at Issue #1 of Marvel Team-up, from March, 1972, by the writing and penciling team of Thomas and Andru. Ah, the days when Stan the Man Lee was still Editor at Marvel.

How would our superpower-less hero Kelly come by such a treasure*? Let's just assume he's willing to shell out when the inducement is right. It's worth it just to be able to laugh his ass off at Johnny's shirt. Oh, the seventies...

Yes, he just said "fantasticar". Which is why when they rebooted the FF with Ultimate, Ben was quick to point out that Reed and his naming skills "fantastisuck".

You cannot tell me this doesn't look like the plot of a romance novel at this point. There is ROPE involved.

"Phew. Remind me to look you up after this so we can go back to my place and try it without the imminent threat of drowning. Amiright?"

And that's all for this little venture into Kellan's comic book collection. Oh, there are many, many more to be found, but perhaps this gives something of a glimpse into our little nerd-boy's dorkpsyche. And his favorite ship... which he never, ever shipped 'til he met Jamie.

But more on that in Nobody's Hero. ;)

*How did I come by such a treasure? Not the quarter box. Thanks, Dad! <3

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