May 30, 2012

Well, that was fun.

So, loads of prizes. Loads! The big old grand prize was taken by Avalie, so congrats on that. Seemed like people generally had a good time with the unscrambling and stuff, so hopefully we can do it again sometime.

My own little giveaway was swept up by Jojo, who snagged a copy of Riot Boy. Buzzcocks fans, unite!

Speaking of, if anyone missed it, there's some Riot Boy backstory over at Tara Lain's blog, which was my content contribution. It's Brady and Malory, from Mal's point of view. It's one of the flashbacks I wrote for Malory's book, Reentry Burn, which is, as of this week, officially finished and under scrutiny by The Powers That Be. Fingers crossed for me (or Mal, since he needs all the help he can get, poor kid), please.

Also, looks like we've only got two months until By the River hits. More on that as things develop, but yay!

Right, I'll say something useful next time around, promise. Until then <3
J.A. Rock said...

Woohoo, Reentry Burn! Malory needs help. And we need Malory.

Katey said...

Malory DOES need help. And hugs. And a hot guy even more fucked up than him.

I am glad you seem to like him too, though. I worry about that guy :D

J.A. Rock said...

He just needs a hug. Or thirty. And he's super badboy intriguing.

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