And For My Next Trick: Water

May 11, 2012

I pretty much just found this out, but thanks to USPS tracking I know my contract is delivered, so that seems official to me. My next book. It's a thing.

It is not the usual superpowered love*, though I guess depending on your definition, there are... sorta superpowers in it. It's called By the River, and it's part of a project I've been working on for a while now, all about elementals. There's more info on the overarching project at the Elementals page, but for the new book's unofficial blurb and some pretty pretty Astro art, you can check out the By the River page directly. Also, I did mention this one last month in my WiP Wednesday series, so if you want a sneak peek at some woefully unedited bits, you can find the old post here. But there will be proper excerpts once we get cracking.

I'm really excited about this one for a lot of reasons. So excited I'm not actually making a lot of sense, so I'm just going to make a list in an attempt to organize my scattered brainspasms on the subject.

1. Yay, new project! My love of writing fae-type things is well known to my friends or those familiar with  KV Taylor, but between this and the Fairy Compacts stuff coming up this summer, my fae-love is exploding everywhere. (Hey, it's messy, but... we have glitter?)

2. Yay, swimmer MC! Another thing I've done loads of before, but not as Katey Hawthorne. I was a swimmer from the ages of 7-18--my single tiny athletic accomplishment in life is that I lettered all four years and was team captain in high school. No, I am not a natural athlete, but I do love me some sports, and it's the one nearest and dearest my heart. And just in time for some sweet, sweet summer Olympics action. Woo.

3. Yay, hometown! So yeah, my small town West Virginia tendencies are well known in any guise, but this one actually takes place in a re-named version of my hometown. Geographically, hell, even emotionally, Ashton = Wellsburg. River rats, reprazent.

*More of that soon, promise!
Louise said...

Congrats on all the great projects, Katey! :) The Elementals one sounds very intriguing. I've kind of been on hold with pleasure reading lately, but as soon as I finish up the two books I'm reading now I'm going to dig into Riot Boy. (And Scripped before too long, too.)

Hope you're doing great!

Louise ~xo~

J.A. Rock said...

OMG OMG Water fae and West Virginia.
Where do I get in line?

Katey said...

Hey Louise! Thanks for stopping by to help me squee. Everything is awesome here. I'll email soon. I miss you!

JA--right? West Virginia is the best! *fist bump*

Louise B said...

Very soon, a little faerie just might be dropping a surprise in your post office box, too. ;-) Miss you too! (No worries at all, though! I know how darn crazy this writer, and life, game gets.) xo

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