HAH Winner and the Upcoming Games

May 21, 2012

Wow, that was a hell of a hop. Thanks to Erica, K-Lee, and NJ for organizing and making this thing happen. I saw so many entries, read so many comments that both made me think and gave me hope -- I hope everyone else got a lot out of it, too. My winner was Emily, so yay! Emily gets to pick any a book and a pack of Erase Hate wristbands. Mine came the other day and lemme tell you, purple is the best.

Thanks also to Kassidy for hooking me up with the inside info. It was fabulous to see how many people had great experiences with The Laramie Project, and how many people wanted to. I really do think that show has been a game-changer for many folks, as even people who are already allies or identify on the spectrum themselves take something amazing away from it. This bi kid was gobsmacked, like I say.

This week's adventures also have a bit of hopping involved, but are more on the order of a net-game. Miho Li has come up with the awesome idea for an Erotic Romance Scavenger Hunt. 19 authors are going to offer up exclusive content to readers and one hell of a huge prize pack at the end. Check it out.

So to recap, or in case you'd rather not click on the hot guy and find out what's up, that's:

1. Exclusive excerpts, interviews, sneak peeks, backstories, etc. We're all hosting each others' content, but I'm gonna keep what I get to host (gahhhh it's so good!) and where my own content will be a surprise until the day of. Fun! (As to what mine is: there will be Malory and Brady. I can say no more.)

2. Prizes. A giant grand prize book pack and 19 individual prizes up for grabs.

3. Fun. There's a puzzle -- and not the frustrating kind, but the kind where you have to collect letters and unscramble them. It'll be awesome.

So yeah, May 25-27. It's the place to be. <3

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