Housekeeping (or, a new introduction)

May 1, 2012

This is a sort of housekeeping post, an addendum to the introduction in the bio/faq. I've met a lot of people since this whole Superpowered Love thing started not-quite-a-year ago, many of whom I now converse with regularly on twitter, tumblr, etc. And I realized that the other me, which shares all online accounts apart from main blogs, may be slightly confusing. As in "what the hell is Katey tweeting so much about zombies and fish for?" confusing.

Therefore, here's a little reintroduction.

As Katey Hawthorne I do this, all these things here at, which serves as both the Superpowered Love blog and a place for me to make information about my LGBTQ romance novels (three so far, loads more in the pipeline) available--plus talk about romance and comics and other vaguely related things with like-minded types. There are generally explosions and happy endings and lots of love in these books. But that's the me that's less confusing, from this point of view.

The other me is KV Taylor. This is the dark side, I reckon. As KV I write stuff best termed "dark fantasy", but it often shares the LGBTQ bent of my romance. (It also often at least has a romantic subplot--but the HEA is far from guaranteed.) I've had a large handful of horror and dark fantasy short fiction published over the years. Scripped, my first novel, is essentially a love story, but extremely dysfunctional and flat out creepy. It's kind of my thing. My second, Liam, is a vampire novel coming out late this year. But I'll talk more about that later, I'm sure, because I'm just gearing up for a site redesign and a final runthrough on my end--plus, I got my art. Eee!

I also edit as KV Taylor. I'm the query manager at Morrigan Books--which means I read and funnel novel submissions. As a writer, you can imagine how sympathetic I am about handling that kind of thing, but there is no better feeling than getting to tell someone yes. A book I co-edited for them with Amanda Pillar, Ishtar, is doing really well with the awards ballots this spring, and I'm very proud of it. I'm working on co-editing with Carrie Cuinn of Dagan Books an upcoming spec fic anthology called Fish. It's going to be beautiful. I feel really honored to work with such fabulous authors and passionate publishers.

I run a free-to-read, pulpy spec fic magazine called The Red Penny Papers. It's been going for a year and a half now, and gathering steam all the while. We publish short fiction quarterly and about three times a year do a web serial. After, we release all our fiction as (currently, limited-run) eBooks. I've never had so much fun in my life as I do collecting these gems from authors and recruiting artists to portray them for the covers. If I actually make a few bucks selling stories, RPP is where it all goes.

In June I run Fae Awareness Month. It is the best month.  Also, Yeats was a dirty fae propagandist, and people need to be warned. Obviously.

All of that is the bulk of me and who I am and what I do. For the other stuff, my books probably tell you everything. I like loud music, gin, tattoos, comics, movies, cable TV, sex, live music, guitars, vampires, swearing, obsessing, fairy tales, art history, whiskey, costume dramas, traveling, and all other manner of things that are terrible for you, but at least I'll go out happy. I live just outside Washington, DC with a very nice dude called Balaji and a mutant cat called Lucy. I'm a vegetarian bisexual atheist who enjoys the company of people who disagree with me utterly.

So now if you see me going on and on around twitter about these things, you know why. They may be of interest or not, but hey, housekeeping, right?

And now, back to squeeing over slashy pairings I never thought I'd be able to imagine without a shudder. Because yes, yes I DID just buy that issue of FF #17.
Miho Li said...

When do you find time for sleep?! lol

I am so impressed by how much you've got going on. You are a rock star.

Katey said...

Sleep is for the weak!

But yes, we have to keep busy. You know all too well ;)


J.A. Rock said...

Fae Awareness Month? Joy!

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