Quick Reminder. Also, Prizes.

May 7, 2012

Just a quick reminder that this is the last 24 hours for the little For Raven fundraiser. I say little, but it's gotten quite a bit larger than expected thanks to you beautiful people. Nights that were formerly sleepless (due to both worry and, you know, pain) have already been eased, and now we can bring it home. A little extra breathing room, since the immediate crisis was so quickly averted.

The campaign is here. The list of prizes for our two drawings, one for eBooks and one for print books, is remarkable.

I'm also offering free special editions of books 2 and 3 in the Fairy Compacts novelette series to contributors. Book 1, The Dangers of Fairy Compacts, will be available totally for free, first via the Goodreads m/m group's Love is Always Write event, then as an eBook sometime in June. I'm already in talks with a fabulous artist to do covers for all three, but the special edition will also have interior illustrations.

Regular eBook editions sans illustration will be available later, but only contributors get the special edition. And the SE is gonna be hot, man, because this artist... Okay, I'll wait 'til we have the details sorted to tell you. But seriously. Rad.

Thanks to everyone who's signal boosted again. I'll be back with a full report when the dust clears, but I just want to say that this kind of thing really restores faith in humanity, that people have been so generous and compassionate. <3

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