One Hell of a Monday

June 25, 2012

And for once, I mean, "One hell of a Monday" in a good way.

1. My free fantasy novelette, The Dangers of Fairy Compacts, is available to read at the Goodreads M/M Romance groupd's LiaW event today. If you don't like reading in your browser, you can also download the story at GR as a mobi, ePub, pdf, or zipped html file. (If you don't usually like reading in your browser, I'd definitely recommend GR's reader, which uses the ePub. I checked it out last night and it looks great.)

Eventually I'll make this one available at other outlets and for download here--and it'll always be free. But for the first few weeks it's going to be GR only. I'll give a heads up when it goes elsewhere, though.

2. Anyone happening by as of yesterday may have noticed a new shiny in the corner or on the By the River page. I was going to wait a while, seeing as I have awesome fairy news, but I couldn't help decorating the site with it. Meet the most excellent(ly hot) cover for By the River, coming in late July from Loose Id:

Cover art by Mina Carter

This is the conversation that happened in my head when I saw it:

Adam (tattoo guy): Oh wow. They gave me Kevin Sorbo pecs. The best.
Leith (guy in back): That's hot. All you need is a kilt. [He has a thing.] ... Do I look like that?
Adam: Actually, yes.
Leith: O.o

This is the conversation with my brother that happened when he saw it:
Me: They look like big Minecraft players, right?
Nick: Totally Minecraft players!

Because yes, there is a scene where Adam and Leith are playing Minecraft. There is much discussion of killing chickens and meatpops that made Editrix Raven snort, apparently. Which is totally my brother's fault.

Needless to say, I love this cover. It is absolute win. Pretty river, pretty boys. I'm all:

Raven said...

Unf. Also, yeah, that's so very the Leith in my head.

Katey said...


Yeah I was telling my friend that the other day. "No, but, Leith actually is kind of cut like that. Cuz, um, NCAA swimmer. Record-holding shit."

I should write more athletes, CLEARLY.

J.A. Rock said...

Ohhhh my god, those chests on your cover. Swimmerrrrrs!! And our books are side by side on the Loose Id Coming Soon page. Rock on.

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