Bathtub Love

July 30, 2012

I realize, of course, that taking a bath should leave you squeaky clean. I mean, that's the point.

But Leith, our little By the River waterbug, does not agree. I must bow to his expertise. If you head over to Pants Off Reviews today, you can find one half of a full-on sex scene that, hopefully, will inspire pants-losing. That was the deal: it's her blogoversary, so it's her right.

It's a lot (lot) hotter than the other excerpts that are out there, so don't read it if your boss might walk behind you or something. Unless your boss likes that kind of thing. Still. Here it is:

Stick around and drop a comment, and you can be entered to win a copy. Perfect for those "Oh I want this but I shouldn't be buying things because of reasons!" days.

In other news: book release tomorrow ahhhh! Right. I'm cool. Totally cool. Yeeeeah.

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