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July 12, 2012

No, not my birthday, but Sam MacLeod's. Sam's the dude on the right, has the electricity and the adorable geek of a roommate:

Yeah, I know, it's weird to get excited about a character's birthday, but the thing is, it's actually not just Sam's. It's my best friend, Tara's, and Sam is hers. I wrote Equilibrium for her, and by design Sam has a looooooooot in common with her--birthday being just one of many. Don't worry, I asked, and she was down with it, but that's why the book is dedicated to her. 

Though Equilibrium was something of a departure from the novels I'd written before (see: evil people-skinning Appalachian fae), it bears a striking resemblance to the cracky novels Tara and I used to write in a noteboook we passed back and forth all through high school. So you can see how this is wildly appropriate, then.

Last year I gave her a book for her birthday. This year, I'm gonna give away a couple copies of the book to others. (Hey, she already got her gift: season 2 of Sherlock. See, she has impeccable taste, just like Sam.) So basically, check me out on twitter today, if you do that sort of thing, and there will be chances to win e-copies of Equilibrium by just RT'ing me with the #equilibrium tag.

See how I said e-copies. Why yes, yes I do have reason to believe we'll have dead tree versions in the near future, now you ask...

And before I go, more Sam, just because... pretty!

Did he get that "willing to be tied up" thing, revealed in this particular short, from Tara? I'll just let you wonder. But don't forget, there are two sequel shorts to Equilibrium right here on the Free Reads page, forever and ever.

Happy birthday, Tara.

ETA: Also, I have apparently decided to listen to the soundtrack today. Posting musical things on my tumblr!
Unknown said...

:) u make wonderful stories keep writing :)

Unknown said...

ur a great write and i luv the story u made called "Best Gift Ever " :)

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