Gold Medal

July 29, 2012

In a day or two, I will probably unleash a fury of "OH HEY I HAVE A NEW BOOK" upon this blog. I sincerely apologize for being so horrible about it, but I am just that excited about By the River on Tuesday. It's so different from my others and so exciting to start a new project--please forgive me for being all, "Oh and I'll be here, and here, and doing a giveaway here, and then there's this thing there, and and and..."

To make up for it, here's another picture of Ryan Lochte, this time from an upcoming Men's Health article, if I'm not mistaken, in celebration of that ridiculous 400 IM yesterday. First US gold in London, wee! Check out that gold metal grill, too. Love him or hate him (I am in the "love" camp--for him, Phelps, Coughlin, Franklin, etc etc), dude has personality.

.... Okay if that's not worth a little forgiveness, I dunno what is, man.

Vivien Jackson said...

True. Wow.

J.A. Rock said...

(Watching Ryan Lochte post-400m with my mom)

Me: I just want to lick him all over.

My mom: I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that.

(Watching replay several hours later)

Mom: He is a looker. I'll give you that.

Me: You want to lick him, don't you?

Mom: Kind of.

J.A. Rock said...


Katey said...

I know, right, Vivien? I can't.

JA: HAHAHA! Oh man. Oh maaaaaan. Yes, even Moms trying to be proper cannot resist the urge. Because... *liiiiiick*

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