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July 19, 2012

Hey y'all! No, no, I'm not back to rant some more. Just a heads up that I got to be a part of...

Spectacular Series Week

Spectacular Series Week over at Joyfully Jay. Yeeeeah! My topic is "The Links that Bind", in which I discuss linked series like the superpowered romances I do--the ones nicknamed "superpowered love", yes. Unlike the Fairy Compacts series, the superpowered love books don't continue the same story, but tell different stories that take place in the same world, so it seemed an appropriate topic. Swing by and check it out and you can enter to win a copy of one to see for yourself.

Unless you have them all, in which case thank you. Swing by so I can, like, hug you or something.

But if you're not following Jay's Series Week, definitely check out the whole thing. Jay, Melanie, and Sammy are bringing it--plus Melanie's doing stuff at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words in the same theme this week.

I <3 my groaning to-read list.

In semi-related (at least, for me!) news, there's a write up for Equilibrium over at Pants Off Reviews--Darien gave the book 3.5 stars, mostly because Hansen worked his geek charm. Woohoo, awesome! It's her blogoversary party, so definitely check out all the delicious giveaways and other pants-losing things, because that shit is wild already and it's just getting started. Anyhow, more on that later!

And no, I did not time it so that my blog post at one would actually be relevant to the review at the other. For one, I had no idea they'd be at the same time, and for another, I wrote that blog post like a month ago, I swear. Couldn't have planned it if I'd tried. <3

Thanks, lovely people, for letting me invade your corners of the blogosphere.

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