Wet half-naked swimmer boy

July 24, 2012

Now there's a subject line to get someone's attention!

Fun fact: There are few pleasures in life greater than the sight of a wet, half-naked swimmer. Don't believe me? Oh, you've probably never seen Ryan Lochte, then. Let me help.

Man, the summer Olympics make feel so... patriotic. God bless America, amiright?


Annnnnyhow, I've got my own swimmer boy for you. There's different excerpt from By the River up at Honey Bunny's site just now that might interest you, if you like this sort of half-naked dripping wet thing. In which Adam meets Leith properly for the first time.

One week from today, it's on. Eeeee! <3
tracykitnreads said...

Y'know, that little bit of nearly-nothing he's almost wearing looks ready to slip at aaaany moment now. Show of hands who'd be happy to, ummm...., ASSIST? Or even just watch.

*raises hand*

Katey said...

I'll be in line riiiiiight behind you. Mmmhmm.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Gawd, YES! I've been watching him get interviewed lately, and CAN'T WAIT to see him swim! --- or rather, can't wait to see his body before he swims --- or, can't wait to see him as he's getting out of the water! -- or.... well, you get my point! LOL!

tracykitnreads said...

OH, good, we can all keep each other's knees working and jaws up... Oh, and pass the kleenex to catch the drool! LOL

Katey said...

Oh man, Matt. MATT. He is so wonderful. I mean, I love all our swimmers, but Lochte takes the prize for hotness, let's be real.

Nothing like a swimmer getting out of the water. Maaaaaan. <3

Tracy--yeah. Totally. We must.

J.A. Rock said...

Jeez. Um...hmm. I've been, uh, needing a new desktop background for a while. And since I'm so--busy, yeah, busy--maybe I'll just use this picture for lack of anything better. Let's just...'Save Image,' and then...ok, might as well make it my screen saver too...

Katey said...

Yeah, I mean, I guess it'll do. If it has to. *Cough*

Hee <3

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