Day Early Wingsex Sale

August 31, 2012

So here's the deal. I actually had my act together and managed to get Life as a Fairy Thrall sorted out tonight, so it's ready a day early. In celebration, it's going to be half off the usual price of $1.99 for all of August 31.

Mmm-hmm, and Ruxandra's art is all over this thing. If you want in early and cheap, here are the places you can find it today*:

Smashwords (use code DQ87P at checkout for the discount)

Or you can grab a zip of all available formats at my gumroad shop here:

So hey, half-priced wingsex, August 31 only. When it flips over to Sept 1, actual release day, all bets are off.

*More coming, promise.


August 27, 2012

Hey y'all. (Ugh I just read that to myself in an whiney Paula Deen voice. Sorry.) I'm here with winners for both of the giveaways last week. Thanks very much to everyone who dropped by. It was a really, really awesome week. And birthday!

Equilibrium Birthday Giveaway winner:


Yay, a graffiti'd copy of the shiny new Equilibrium/Riot boy print omnibus is on its way to you.

Follow the Rainbow Hop Giveaway winner:


A fresh eCopy of By the River just splashed down in her inbox.

Okay, sorry, water pun. I'll never do it again.


In other news:

Saturday, September 1. Life as a Fairy Thrall. It's gonna be for sale at Smashwords, ARe, and from my little gumroad shop, for those of you who like the direct distro method. Maybe more coming, but that's it for the initial release. Just wanted to do a heads up: wingsex incoming. Yay!

Also, while I'm here, Amazon-lovers: it will be available from all of those places as a mobi, but if you want to buy your copy from Amazon, all three books will be available in a digital omnibus edition early next year. There are actual reasons for this that are extremely boring, but feel free to hit me up with questions if you're super bothered by the idea. I get it. I have my favorite shopping places, too.

Follow the Rainbow Hop: GLBTQ Writing Katey-style

August 24, 2012

Today marks the start of Rainbow Book Review's inaugural blog hop, yay! Thanks very much to Lena Grey and Serena Yates of RBR for inviting authors and publishers to help celebrate their shiny new site. It's beautiful.

The topic for the hop is 'What Writing GLBTQ Literature Means to Me'. It's a topic that's at once so complicated and so obvious that I rarely say much about it, but I should, so I'm happy for the occasion. Please be warned, this will be a really personal post and way TMI, but that's the kind of question they asked, innit?

I was a bit of a late bloomer, as they say. I never had the interest in boys that my friends did--oh, I had pictures of rock stars on my walls, but that was as near as I ever really wanted to get--and when I dated someone, it was because, well, they asked, and they seem okay, so... I guess I should? (Someone get teenage me one of those 'I need feminism because...' signs, please.) I thought people were beautiful but had no interest in touching them, or, when I got a little older, I enjoyed and wanted sex for and of itself, but was never all that happy with a partner--or random fucking around. I was impatient with love stories because, I mean, seriously, what a load of crap. Blow some shit up, entertain me, none of these lies about true love, thanks.

Then in my last year of undergrad, something clicked into place, and I realized my lack of enthusiasm was because I hadn't been thinking about love and sex and even myself in a way that was at all natural to me--I'd been thinking about it how I thought I was supposed to think about it. No wonder I couldn't muster any real interest--it was being shoved into some weird little box for no good reason.

Not to sound melodramatic, because it really wasn't, but the realization that my brain is queer changed everything. Understanding and acknowledging how I worked, and that my way is just as valid as anyone else's, freed me to make myself, and future partners, so much happier.

In retrospect, I can see how perfectly obvious it is, and so can the people who were close to me growing up.  I also had plenty of friends who identified all over the spectrum once I went off to college, but-- Okay, I'm a super-proud lit nerd, and fiction is what gets to me the hardest and fastest. I can see the pattern of characters that captured my heart, of love stories that spoke to me, even the things my friends and I made up to amuse ourselves as kids. I often think that if I'd had more stories with queerbrain protags of all shapes, sizes, manners, genders (or lack thereof), and orientations, I might've come to that freeing realization a lot earlier. That's part of why visibility is such an important thing to me personally now. It's amazing how things have changed in just a few decades, and what we have access to now is so much more inclusive than what we had when I was in high school in the 90s--and bless the hardworking pioneers who've sacrificed so much to get us to this point.

Thing is, it can never be enough. Not until all viewpoints are visible, represented, part and recognized parcel of society's intellectual fabric--and not in a way that others and exoticizes. Yeah, I have QUILTBAG-identifying protags. And yeah, they love and fight and hate and fuck--or not--by the same basic human rules as het-norm protags. Because that's for real. So basically, I'm writing the stories I was making up for myself back then, the stories I wish I'd had, the stories that will always ring true to me. Stories where brains work either like mine, or in a way I recognize, that feels natural to me, that feels honest.

And yeah, my honesty isn't even close to heteronormative. Clearly. But I still think, hope, and know that it's accessible to every human, regardless of their own identity. That's the point.

As a side note: I have since discovered that there is such a thing as love and happily ever after. And that, my friends, is why I came back to romance with a vengeance, once I knew myself. Because it's honest, after all.

After that absurd little confession, I think it's appropriate to give away an e-copy of By the River--which takes place in my hometown (if renamed). Might explain a few things you never wanted to know, right? You can check out the details on the book here, if you're interested. All you have to do is leave a comment  on this post (please include your email if it's not listed in your profile), and I'll let pick a winner on the 27th, after the hop is over.

Don't for get to hit up the other blog hop posts, including the main one, for more opinions, thoughts, and giveaways. Oh, and also, the last day of the hop (the 26th) is the last day of the Equilibrium Birthday Giveaway, so check that out too and maybe score a print Equilibrium/Riot Boy copy while you're here.

They say it's your birthday...

August 21, 2012

... it's my birthday too, yeah!

God, I know, worst birthday song ever, right? My mom used to play it every single birthday to wake me up, and I'd sigh and pull my pillow over my face. Because as much as I love the Beatles... seriously, Macca? Why?

But it's appropriate nevertheless, because August 23 is Equilibrium's birthday. Yes, it has been live for a year now. And a few days after that is my birthday. Seeing as Equilibrium has just gone into print with Riot Boy attached, there's really only one thing I can do, isn't there?

Yep. Giveaway.

Booty: A print copy of the Equilibrium/Riot Boy omnibus. I'll graffiti it up for you, if you want. Here's a horrible picture I took with my iPhone the day they arrived because I was just so damn excited. In spite of the quality, you can see that the books themselves are freaking gorgeous.

To enter: Comment on this post and answer me one question: if you could have one superpower, what would it be? Feel free to include the why of it all, too.

To win: Well, that'll be up to On August 26, at the end of the day (midnight, I mean), I'll enter the number of comments in and let it pick one of y'all.

This giveaway is open to anyone 18 or over--as in international. I'll send it to you wherever you are.

ETA: If your email isn't in your blogger profile (or the profile of whatever account you use to comment!) please be sure and include it in the comment so I can track you down and tell you that you've won. :D

ETA2: If for some reason blogger is being a dick and won't let you post, just email me at, and I'll post it for you in the proper order.

Come get it

August 17, 2012

I've been going on and on about this elsewhere, but not here. Loose Id rolled out their shiny new website earlier this week, and maaaaan is it pretty. To celebrate, everything--everything on the site is 25% off up through the 19th. So happy weekend, right? Here's a helpful link to all of mine, in case you're interested.

One other thing--totally just noticed today when I went to vote on the paranormal poll (because paranormal!) that Equilibrium was nominated for book of the month at the mm group. It's a tiny, weird ass book, I know. But totally cute. If you're a member, hit it with some love, maybe? Second poll down--at least until Monday, when it goes away.

I've got company this weekend, so I'll be quiet for once. Hope yours is rad.

Wingsex--it's enthralling

August 13, 2012

Haha see what I did there?

No? Yeah. That made no sense to anyone but me, did it? Wait, wait, I can explain.

So last night, thanks to to the herculean efforts of editors Meghan Brunner and John Cash, plus Ruxandra's illustration, contributors to the FOR RAVEN campaign earlier in the year got their Special Edition Life as a Fairy Thrall (Fairy Compacts #2) novellas. In which Tam and Aeron have an adventure in Faerie--along with Aeron's fabulous sister Awela and an old, er, friend of Tam's from school, Firez. I maaaaaaaaaay have mentioned that the early release is not all that's special about this edition, but that it also contains all three of Ruxandra's illustrations. I'll say it again:

Thank you so much for your generosity when we were doing the campaign, y'all. It made such a huge difference.

However, that is not the last of Fairy Thrall by a longshot. As I also mentioned before, it'll be available to all in as many places as I can manage on September 1. In preparation, I've put up a little excerpt on the page in which Tam and Aeron are making out and discussing their plans--you know, as you do. Is Aeron's plan a good one? Will his compact with Firez end up being a good idea?

Dun dun dun!

Ahem. Anyhow, just because it's not out yet, there's no reason you couldn't add it to your goodreads shelf if you're into that. Wingsex FTW.

Side note: if you're interested in how the Fairy Compacts series came into being in its current form, I just did a post over at my other site about it. Seriously TL;DR, though, and mostly writerly thinky-thoughts.

Side note part 2: Don't forget, the first Fairy Compacts book is and always will be free.

ETA 8pm EST: Campaign people! I found an annoying little typo in the first version of the SE Life as a Fairy Thrall. I've since corrected it and uploaded new files. Apologies!

Newsletter Time

August 6, 2012

There's so much going on right now, I think the only way for me to make sense of it is to do a bullet-point newsletter of sorts. So, heeeeere we go...

Thank You

Thanks so, so very much to everyone who made the first week of By the River being alive so much fun. Thanks to everyone who commented and hung out at the PantsOff blogoversary post, thanks to Joyfully Jay for not only reviewing the book (kindly!) on the first day, but also for letting me invade with pictures of my river. Thanks to everyone on twitter and tumblr who put up with me freaking out all day on the 31st... and, okay, all week. Thanks to everyone who dropped by to comment, sent an email, tweeted, and, oh god, read and rated/reviewed anywhere.

True story: I was in miserable pain pretty much all week because my back went out. I can't even complain though because my life is awesome.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, you'll find me over at Buffy Kennedy's place with a blog about superpowers. Ah, mmm, reminds me it's about time for another comic book update--but no, I mean superpowered love style superpowers. Buffy's site is lively, intelligent, and sweet, and recently reviewed Equilibrium, so it seemed an appropriate topic--plus there will be a giveaway. I'll update this post when it goes live, but heads up.

On Thursday I'll be hanging out over at The Romance Studio's release party site all day with a bunch of cool authors. There will be excerpts, romantic ramblings, and of course prizes for all. These parties are always a lot of fun--if bad for my bank account. I'll post here when it happens and of course I'll be chatting it up on twitter and tumblr too.

Coming Next...

With By the River off and running, I've been getting some questions about what's up next. In order--as best as I can manage, here's what the Hawthorne schedule looks like:

1. Life as a  Fairy Thrall. #2 in the Fairy Compacts series will go out to everyone who contributed to the Raven Campaign next week--at which time I'll also have an excerpt available. The book will be for sale to all on September 1, 2012.

It's an adventure in Faerie from Tam's point of view, with some really gorgeous illustrations by Ruxandra Lache. And of course, magic and wingsex are guaranteed.

If you haven't picked up a free copy of #1: The Dangers of Fairy Compacts, it's there for the taking.

2. Fairy Bound. #3 in the Fairy Compacts series will go out to the Raven contributors in early October, and will be available for sale on November 1, 2012.

This is the final chapter in Aeron and Tam's story, and the telling of it is split between them. More interesting magic, more inventive wingsex, and hopefully the happily ever after they deserve, after so much trouble.

3. A freebie. By winter, it'll be time for another one, don't you think? I can't say too much about this one yet, but I'll tell you who the PoV is as a massive hint:

4. More superpowered love.

In all this Faerie and fairy-tale stuff, you might think I forgot what I was doing, but no, I swear, I didn't. There is more superpowered love than anything else on the horizon, my friends, and I hope very soon to have news in that vein. Until I can speak more freely, I'll just say that I have 2 full novels and one free short just about ready to go. I hate to be vague, but the timing is totally out of my hands. That said, if the second of those two books gets a "yes" from the publisher, that's the moment the free short will arrive--in celebration. And it'll have to do with...

And that's all the news there is for now. Thanks again, everyone. If you think of any more questions, just let me know and I'll do my best. Much love!



Oh wow. Yeah see, so much going on I even forgot this:

Equilibrium and Riot Boy in one gorgeous paperback. I got mine the other day. It's fucking incredible. Check it out, y'all!

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