They say it's your birthday...

August 21, 2012

... it's my birthday too, yeah!

God, I know, worst birthday song ever, right? My mom used to play it every single birthday to wake me up, and I'd sigh and pull my pillow over my face. Because as much as I love the Beatles... seriously, Macca? Why?

But it's appropriate nevertheless, because August 23 is Equilibrium's birthday. Yes, it has been live for a year now. And a few days after that is my birthday. Seeing as Equilibrium has just gone into print with Riot Boy attached, there's really only one thing I can do, isn't there?

Yep. Giveaway.

Booty: A print copy of the Equilibrium/Riot Boy omnibus. I'll graffiti it up for you, if you want. Here's a horrible picture I took with my iPhone the day they arrived because I was just so damn excited. In spite of the quality, you can see that the books themselves are freaking gorgeous.

To enter: Comment on this post and answer me one question: if you could have one superpower, what would it be? Feel free to include the why of it all, too.

To win: Well, that'll be up to On August 26, at the end of the day (midnight, I mean), I'll enter the number of comments in and let it pick one of y'all.

This giveaway is open to anyone 18 or over--as in international. I'll send it to you wherever you are.

ETA: If your email isn't in your blogger profile (or the profile of whatever account you use to comment!) please be sure and include it in the comment so I can track you down and tell you that you've won. :D

ETA2: If for some reason blogger is being a dick and won't let you post, just email me at, and I'll post it for you in the proper order.
Alexa said...

I'd wanna be able to control electromagnetic forces. It's maybe not the coolest thing evah, but it's one of the four basic forces so there'd be no stopping me, hah!

Julia said...

I would want the ability to selectively read minds. I wouldn't want to be bombarded by everyone's thoughts all of the time, but I would want to be able to slip into somebody's head from time to time and figure out what they were really thinking/plotting. Particularly if I were a superhero.

Raelynn said...

I would definitely want to have the ability of instantaneous teleportation. There's nothing quite like the ability to be anywhere at any given time. From a personal perspective (Crave pasta? Let's go to Italy!), it adds a weird sort of dimension to life. But even neater is that in our society, we know people from all around the world, but rarely get that chance to see them. This would change that.
(RaelynnMarie (at) live (dot) com)

Anonymous said...

Now see, I'd want telekinesis. Mostly so I could grab stuff I left on the other side of the room. :3

DarienMoya said...

I wanna turn everything into money, not because of greed and to be rich. But, when someone pisses me off I turn their ass into money and yell "Yeh bitch I made it rain so throw some Ds on it" Which makes no sense but it would be hilarious hahahah

Rhonda Parrish said...

I'd want to be like a human lie detector.


Imagine the power! Awesome.

~ Rhonda Parrish

Katey said...

Posting for Bea, because blogger is being a dick:

If I had a superpower... It would definitely be the ability to slow down time or the ability to move and do stuff faster. A day doesn't have enough hours for me to do everything I need to do! I know - it's a rather selfish power, haha.

Anonymous said...

Telekinesis. Need stuff from the top shelf? Done. Need to get rid of a spider without touching it or losing it? Done. Need to put your clothes away without getting out of bed? Done. Need to make tea without getting out of bed? Done. Actually, generally being able to do things from bed. And being able to push off attackers even if I'm physically pinned down.

And it would look awesome and showy, too. And I could call it the Force and pretend I had the force. Actually, I'm not sure why I didn't say the Force to begin with, except that feels like cheating, 'cause it does telepathy and clairvoyance, too.

tracykitnreads said...


OK, fangirly moment over. I think.

After spending most of today at the garage trying to get the Jeep's brakes fixed (they're now good enough to drive on, but they need to order a part and I don't have time to go back in again until Monday, so...nope, not quite done yet. >.<) the superpower I'd like to have is the ability to THINK cars fixed. Or broken.

Alternatively, I'd like to be able to manipulate time selectively -- so that, for instance, the mechanics could get the car fixed in about 20 minutes, no matter how long it *actually* takes. This would work for lengthy home repairs, also; and things like cleaning my carpet, instead of taking hours for it to dry, would only take minutes...


Katey said...

@Alexa -- totally! That's pretty much how all my people work in one way or another, but not in the badass Magneto way. It's allll about Magneto.

@Julia -- yes! SELECTIVELY is the key to keeping sanity. No evil plot would stand a chance.

@Raelynn -- a personal favorite of mine due to a lifetime love of Nightcrawler. Hopefully yours wouldn't be stinky like his, though. Love it.

@Sasha -- I ALWAYS endorse a superpower choice that lets me be lazy. Hell yeah.

@Darien -- I just laughed so hard at that. Oh my god. Awesome.

@Rhonda -- part of me would want that, but part of me wouldn't really want to know. I guess you'd get used to it, though, and it WOULD be awfully handy.

@Bea -- I have a severe weakness for speedsters, so I'm with you, there.

@Ro -- yeah the Force is a bit Jean Grey/Phoenix forcey, and she's overpowered like whoa--but you know, we're doing what ifs so why not? You'd make the best Jedi!

@Tracy -- that's a really great one! I've written a few characters in fanfic type stuff who had sorta-kinda time powers like that. All kinds of really interesting applications, but I would TOTALLY use them on car repair days. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I would choose telekinesis since you could transport things to you or away from you. It's a power that would be good offensively and defensively. Thanks for your wonderful giveaway!

strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

Kezia said...

After discovering your blog through Hop I decided to try my luck here as well on the off chance I can score a copy of one of your latest releases ;)

Hmmm superpower? There's so many awesome choices! I would have to go with teleportation, cause the costs of air travel is killing me as of late lol

Erica Pike said...

Is it greedy of me to enter into the contest even though I already own e-copies of those books? >.<

Ah hell, here's for being greedy! It's a birthday after all - have a happy one ^.^

I'd love to be able to fly! While being invisible! Because I wouldn't want to end up as a science experiment. Just picture all the money I'd save on airfares!

Erica Pike
eripike at gmail dot com

booklover0226 said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday, Katey.

I would like to have the ability to heal and cure.

Thanks for sharing your birthday with us.

Tracey D
Booklover0226 ar gmail dot com

Katey said...

Yeah, that's true, Jess, TK is sorta all-occasion. Another point its favor!

Erica, wanting a dead tree version and an e-version isn't greedy, it's just good sense. Hiiiii <3

Thanks, Tracey! It's actually tomorrow, but as my mother likes to remind me, it's a birthday week. :D I really love healing abilities too, especially when they can be used on others instead of just the superheal like Wolverine. There would really be nothing more wonderful.

Emiliana25 said...

Happy belated birthday Katey!
Please count me in, I'd love to own the paperbacks. :)

emiliana25 at web dot de

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Katey!!!
It's really nice of you to open the contest internationally and same as Erica I would love to have them in a dead tree version.

Jibriel.O AT web DOT de

Lana A said...

I would like to be able to see the future but telekinesis sounds good as well.

Happy Birthday!

anzuazura at yahoo dot de

Natalie said...

Invisibility. I'm a photographer, and being able to move around inconspicuously would be priceless.

(Happy birthday!)

maybesparrow23 at gmail dot com

Cathy M said...

My super power would definitely be healing. My hubby was just diagnosed with cancer, and my heart is breaking for him and all the families touched by this devastating disease.

Caity_mack@yahoo dot com

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