Wingsex--it's enthralling

August 13, 2012

Haha see what I did there?

No? Yeah. That made no sense to anyone but me, did it? Wait, wait, I can explain.

So last night, thanks to to the herculean efforts of editors Meghan Brunner and John Cash, plus Ruxandra's illustration, contributors to the FOR RAVEN campaign earlier in the year got their Special Edition Life as a Fairy Thrall (Fairy Compacts #2) novellas. In which Tam and Aeron have an adventure in Faerie--along with Aeron's fabulous sister Awela and an old, er, friend of Tam's from school, Firez. I maaaaaaaaaay have mentioned that the early release is not all that's special about this edition, but that it also contains all three of Ruxandra's illustrations. I'll say it again:

Thank you so much for your generosity when we were doing the campaign, y'all. It made such a huge difference.

However, that is not the last of Fairy Thrall by a longshot. As I also mentioned before, it'll be available to all in as many places as I can manage on September 1. In preparation, I've put up a little excerpt on the page in which Tam and Aeron are making out and discussing their plans--you know, as you do. Is Aeron's plan a good one? Will his compact with Firez end up being a good idea?

Dun dun dun!

Ahem. Anyhow, just because it's not out yet, there's no reason you couldn't add it to your goodreads shelf if you're into that. Wingsex FTW.

Side note: if you're interested in how the Fairy Compacts series came into being in its current form, I just did a post over at my other site about it. Seriously TL;DR, though, and mostly writerly thinky-thoughts.

Side note part 2: Don't forget, the first Fairy Compacts book is and always will be free.

ETA 8pm EST: Campaign people! I found an annoying little typo in the first version of the SE Life as a Fairy Thrall. I've since corrected it and uploaded new files. Apologies!

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