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September 8, 2012

The boys from By the River had a really nice week!

DarienMoya said: I am so in love with this story, just so freaking in love. It’s hauntingly beautiful, with unique characters, and the writing just seems so very real. I am so in love with this small little town, and I felt so important to be invited to get to know Leith and Adam.

Yeah, 'scuse me while I blush. Thank you for checking it out, Darien, and for letting it de-pants you.

Sammy said: I cannot tell you how magically lyrical this novella was–how amazingly sweet and sexy it read. With each page, Katey Hawthorne invites you in, and allows you to sit in the corner of her imagination and watch beauty unfold. She gently exposes our fears, the idea that letting go of someone we love is both risky and freeing at the same time.

I mean, talk about getting to the heart of the matter, right? Add some sniffling to that blushing, kay?

While I'm on the subject, I've gotten a lot of questions about the Elementals books and how it works as a series. The real answer is that it doesn't, particularly. They're books that are linked solely by a concept.

Several people have asked me if they'll see Adam and Leith again. Half of these questions seem to come from people with lingering fears, which is awesome, and the other half are more suggestion, which is also awesome. The answer is yes, briefly. It'll be short and sweet, like the little Equilibrium stories, a kind of thank you note from me to everyone who took a chance on such a weird, weird couple. Not for a few months, but I'll keep you posted. Thank you to every single person who asked--or wondered in a review, or ever said anything about it at all.

And remember: Keep Calm and Play Minecraft. Just watch your meatpops, dude.

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