River Soundtrack

September 14, 2012

So By the River doesn't have a soundtrack in it like some of my others--it's kinda a superpowered love thing, if you know what I mean--but there are a couple of songs that I listened to a lot when writing bits and pieces. The biggest one was off the latest from The Horrors, and it's called "Still Life".

I was working on a later draft when I actually saw the Horrors at the Black Cat, which was kind of extra awesome and unplanned. But yeah. Just the way it builds up and how it's kind of sad but hopeful and all the words and... yep. This is the one!

When you wake up, when you wake up,
You will find me

NOTE: If you're seeing this at a feed like goodreads, the video won't turn up. If you want, click on through the site. It's rad!

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