Bound Soundtrack

October 24, 2012

Working on finishing up with Fairy Bound this week! It's gonna be about a week behind schedule due to complications in life earlier this month, but still, we're about there, and Ruxandra is on board again for illustrations. I am gleeful.

Tammas and Aeron's story will wrap up in the mortal realm. The Dangers of Fairy Compacts was entirely from Aeron's point of view, so the music I listened to was more him. Life as a Fairy Thrall was all from Tam's, so I listened to Tam music.

Fairy Bound, however, sees them sharing the spotlight. First Tam, and then Aeron. For this WiP Wednesday, I'm playing with Tam's section, so it's all about his music again. Love this track!

If you're seeing this on a feed, it's DJ Cheb I Sabbah - Kese Kese. Soooooo good.

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